Are Gun Hating Liberals Stupid

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorLets just go ahead and say it, are gun hating liberals stupid? Did they sleep through US history while in high school and college? Did they sleep through the various government classes at school? Do they never watch the History channel? Do they never celebrate the 4th of July?

If gun haters had paid attention during history class they may have understood why the 2nd Amendment ensures the right of the people to keep and bear arms – so we will never be subjugated. We are citizens, not subjects.

Do the gun haters think the British let the founding fathers form a nation? Exactly “how” did the United States come into being? I am pretty sure George Washington and Benjamin Franklin did not blog the Red Coats into leaving.

The founding fathers rallied the people, who bought their hunting rifles into battle, and they killed the British. The United States was founded with blood, musket balls and gun powder, and not pen and paper.

How difficult is it to understand that gun ownership is not about hunting. The 2nd Amendment is about protecting ourselves from an overzealous government. No matter how corrupt the government becomes, now matter how many rights are striped away, the people have the tools needed to put the government in its place.

Maybe U.S. history should be the corner stone of our education system?  Maybe liberals need to spend time in a Chinese prison?

Are gun haters blind, deaf and dumb, or are they just stupid?

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. While liberals have good intentions, they are paving a major highway straight to hell.

Socialist Agenda

Part of the socialism is giving up individual liberties that may benefit the community.  If guns have to be banned to benefit the community, then guns would be banned under the liberal socialist agenda.

If the middle class needs to give up their right to vote, then the middle class would be forced to give up their voting rights.  This would be done to ensure the poor have an equal say.

Gun hating liberals are taking the first steps in taking rights away.  First it is the guns, then it may be something else, such as taxation on the rich and middle class.  Then it may be open borders to anyone who wants to enter the nation.

The sad part, people can be fooled into giving up their gun rights.

Gun Hating Liberals

Those who hate the right to keep and bear arms and seek to restrict the rights of others, those are the most dangerous types of socialist.

They feel they know what is best for everyone else.  Your rights mean nothing to them.  If you have to make a personal sacrifice to help achieve the liberal utopia, then you will give up your rights.

People should ignore the anti-gun propaganda and focus on preserving their rights.