Sanctions Against Iran China To The Rescue

Sanctions against Iran will not work.  Obama has been saying “give sanctions a chance”, when we know for a fact sanctions will not and can not work.

Russia Today posted an article saying China is buying oil from Iran.  With money flowing in from China, Iran is free to pursue its nuclear ambitions.

In another news article, Iran is moving to upgrade its centrifuges. Which means improved enrichment far above those needed for nuclear power reactors and medical devices.

Whether Iran plans on building a nuclear weapon remains to be seen.

In another article I talked about possible conflicts the US may be facing between 2013 and 2020.  My personal opinion, the Wall Street and the international bankers need something big to prevent China from becoming a world economic power house.  If the international bankers can not crash the economy of China, the only other option is a physical conflict.

China fueling Irans nuclear program is the excuse the US government needs to strike Iran and possibly spark a large scale war.

When Europe voted to boycott oil from Iran, this meant China could get all of the oil it wanted, and at a good price.

Replay of World War II

1930s Germany

Part of the surrender of Germany after World War I was the Treaty of Versailles, which forced Germany to pay reparations.

When Hitler came into power he refused to pay the reparations ordered under the Treaty of Versailles. When this happened, there was an economic boycott called against of Germany. Which was an attempt to bankrupt Germany and force the nation to pay the reparations.

The Daily Express of London, March 24, 1933 issue, described how powerful international financial interests had launched an economic boycott of Germany.

With Germany struggling financially the people looked for scapegoats, which turned out to be the jews.

Iran Today

As the EU has voted to boycott oil exports from Iran, Iran is being pushed into a financial corner. Since oil is Irans main source of income, this decision could have been financially devastating for the nation.

China steps in, buys oil from Iran, which in turn provides the nation the money it needs to continue its nuclear program.

President Obama Buying Iran Time

It appears as if President Obama were buying Iran time to develop their nuclear program. Why else would someone say something like “give it time?”