Fate Of The US 2013 2020

There is an interesting article on Pravda that talks about how China is going to surpass the US in production, china is dumping the US dollar in favor of rare metals and the Euro.

The question we should be asking ourselves, are the wall street bankers going to go down easily, or are they going to put up a fight?

Meaning, before the world can shift away from the US dollar and adopts the yuan as the world standard currency, will the US and china go to war? Could we imagine the horror if wall street no longer mattered? As china becomes an economic powerhouse and a world leader, where does this put the US banking system?Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

The only thing that can save wall streets strangle hold on the economy, is to bring china down.

Economic War

As long as we have free trade with china, there is no hope of the US economy recovering, ever.  As the workers in china demand more money and wages go up, companies will move to the lowest bidder, which is probably going to be Africa.

But, because the economy and the currency in china is controlled by the government, and not by the banks, the government can tilt the playing field in their favor.

Its doubtful the banks will be able to crash the economy of china like they did the US economy in 2008.

One option the US has is to default on its debts, which would leave china holding trillions of worthless US debt.  This may be by why china is dumping dollars in favor of other stable currencies and rare metals.

Physical War

During World War I and World War II US and British companies played both sides against each other.  US banks loaned money to Germany in the 1930s, and US oil companies sold fuel to power German planes up into the early 1940s.  Hitler could not have invaded Poland or Russia without a special blend of fuel that did not freeze, a fuel supplied by US oil companies.

Since World War II banks have not wanted nations to enter into large full scale wars that endangered the future of the nation.  This is why we have fought smaller wars such as Vietnam, Bosnia, first Gulf Conflict, second Gulf Conflict,,,, so the government contractors and wall street bankers can safely make billions in profits.

Nobody wants a large scale war that can risk the future of a nation, and disrupts the worlds financial markets.

But, as wall street faces losing its death grip on the US and European markets, something will have to be done.  If the economy of china can not be crashed and reset for a couple of decades, the only other option is physical war.

Nation that controls the money controls the world

As long as the US dollar is the world currency, and the federal reserve company controls the dollar, everything is fine.  We all know wall street controls the federal reserve.

Do we really expect wall street to sit back and do nothing while china replaces the US?

If wall street can not find a way to crash chinas economy, the only option will be physical war.

 Greed will be our downfall

After china received most favored nation trade status, and with free trade agreements like GATT, the exodus of US manufacturing jobs began.

Its just a matter of time until china replaces the US as the worlds financial center.  China has the jobs, they have the resources, they have the factories and they have the assets to replace the US.

Who has the most to lose

What does china stand to lose in a war?  Maybe kill off a few hundred million people?  So what?  China has a population of over 1 billion.  Whats the worst that would happen, clear a few million people looking for jobs?  Means lower unemployment.

What does the US have to lose in a war?  We have a lot to lose.  Our factories are gone, the majority of our steel mills have been closed for decades.  Shipyards were closed in the 1980s, demolished and sold off.

The United States does not have the ability to sustain a physical conflict with china.  We do not have the steel mills, the shipyards or the skilled workers to mass produce weapons of war.

Where are the majority of our computer parts made?  China and Taiwan.  How are we supposed to be able to fight a war when we do not even make our own high tech parts?