Random Thoughts January 27 2013

The nation is screwed, and I mean royally screwed.

National Debt

The government is so far into debt, there is no way future generations can pay off the debt. As of the posting of this article the US Government is $16.4 trillion in debt. With credit card debt and student loan debt, we owe more like $58 trillion.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

We are throwing millions of dollars to illegal immigrants. Between 2009 and 2011 we spent around $91 million on health care for illegal immigrants.

Social Security disability is expected to go bankrupt by 2016.

Congress is looking for ways to allow millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens.

If the nation is broke, how are we supposed to bankroll millions of new people collecting benefits?

Kidney stones suck

We were supposed to go to the homestead this weekend.  But on friday I started having pains so bad I had to take some Vicodin – which I have a prescription for.  The stupid stone did not pass over the weekend.

The good news we will probably have a tractor on site in 2 weeks.

Next weekend will be for burning the stumps.  In 2 weeks I will have a tractor with a grapple for the heavy stuff.

I am going to bring my pain medicine to the homestead with me, just in case the pain comes back.

Gun Control

After the Sandy Hook and Aurora Colorado shootings, there has been renewed calls for gun control.  There was a picture of one of the protest that said something like, “protect children, restrict guns.”

In other words, we should not worry about holding people accountable for their actions?  Lets just blame the guns.

Dianne Feinstein is positioning herself with the far left to get new gun laws passed.  As we all know, moderation is the key.  If something appears too far to the left or the right people will reject it.

Obama stated that there is a good chance new gun laws will not pass.

Gun control is a good example of how divided the nation is.  We are divided on gay rights, immigration, gun ownership,,,, how much more can we be divided and remain a nation?

Obama Reelection

Stupid is as stupid does.  People who voted for obama have to be pretty stupid.  What “exactly” has obama done for the nation?

Has obama balanced trade?

Has obama balanced the budget?

Has obama fixed our failing infrastructure?

If anything the nation is worse off now then we were 4 years ago.  But for some reason obama is reelected?

What happened to this nation

A video on youtube about butchering a chicken is age restricted, but people like Lady gaga can run around half naked and her videos are not flagged?

Video in question – respectful chicken harvest

Have we become so disconnected from our food that butchering a chicken is inappropriate and can not be viewed by young people?

Could we imagine the horror if children learned where that cheeseburger, pork chops or chicken sandwich really came from?  It would be an absolute travesty if children had to be exposed to butchering livestock or wild animals.

Society has become domesticated to where we buy our food, and not a second thought is given to “how” that food was processed.

If the US had to fight a real war like what we did in World War II, and food was rationed, people would be in for a shock.  What do you mean we can not waste food at buffet bars?  I bet there would be rioting in the streets.

Moving to the homestead

I am so looking forward to moving to the homestead, its difficult to describe.

Moving to the homestead – part 1, part 2 and part 3.

To be able to walk out the back door and see nothing but trees, to hear nothing but the wind,,, that is how life is supposed to be lived.  Not crammed into cities like sardines in a can.


A few days ago a buddy of mine and I were talking about various things.  During the discussion I asked him what I could do to improve this blog.  His suggestion was to stop talking about how much welding sucks. Someone has to stand up and say the way people are treated in fab shops needs to change.

As long as people will not speak up, things will not change.  For those people who still work in the hell of welding shops, pay needs to improve, working conditions need to improve and benefits need to improve.

There are few people who talk about how bad the working conditions are in fabrication shops.   After being treated like crap for 15 years, does the welding field expect its victims to keep silent?

Welding sucks, the pay sucks, the benefits suck, the schedule sucks,,,, everything about working in fabrication shops suck.

If people stopped working in fab shops, the companies would probably hire low wage foreign workers rather then change the working conditions.

We need more people to step up and talk about how badly welding shops treat their employees.