Turning 45 Years Old

Today is my birthday, I turned 45 years old.  Depending on how you look at it, turning 45 is either not too bad, or it sucks.

Retirement – One thing that bothers me is I am nowhere near being ready for retirement.  I partially blame myself, but I also blame every 401k management firm I have used.  Since 1994 just about every 401k management firm has lost money, except for the one I am using now.  How am I supposed to save for retirement when the people managing my 401k lose 20% of my money every year?Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

Something I worry about is if social security is going to be around when I retire?  I know people who have never worked a day in their life and they are drawing social security disability.  I work and pay into the system for some lazy bum to draw benefits?

Working Hard – When I was growing up, kids were told to “grow up, get a job and work hard.”  Because we “worked hard” our efforts would be recognized and we would be rewarded.  I know now that is a lie.  Working hard is a wage slave mentality.  No welding company is going to reward your efforts unless they have to.

When I was working for Shaw Communications in Houston Texas, I busted my ass to do a good job.  What did it get me?  A scripted raise.  I say scripted because the supervisor told me how good of a job I was doing, but the company just could not afford to give out raises.  But yet the company could pay the stock holders?  What a load of crap.

The only thing employers recognize is a sucker.  Which is someone who will bust their ass for chump change.

Welding sucks, big time.

Nobody is going to take care of you.

Its a dog eat dog work, mainly because the companies turn employees against each other.

Companies do not give a crap about you.  All the company cares about is money, so treat them as they treat you.

Less work, more play.

Relationships – Never try to understand women.  Women know how women work, and that is why they hate each other.

Divorce Sucks.

Child support sucks.

States treat dads as if they are disposable.  Don’t pay your child support?  Its off to prison.  The only purpose men serve is a cash cow for child support.  If the laws were fair, just as many men would have custody as women.  But the laws are not fair.

If child support laws were fair, then the custodial parent would have to get a job.  But oh no, we would not want to hold both parents responsible would we?  Its mostly the dad who is held responsible while the majority of moms get to sit on their ass.

If you find a good woman, try to hang onto her.

Good friends are hard to come by, so hang onto the ones you have.

Government – People are either too stupid or too lazy to vote out a corrupt government.  People would rather keep what they have and complain about it.

A welfare state is the future, get used to it.  But welfare is only for those who are too lazy to work.  If you have the slightest amount of human decency, you will not get welfare.

The government does not take from the rich, it takes from the middle class.

Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

Given the chance, the government will spend every dollar it has, and then borrow more money to spend.  The government would rather drive future generations into debt then cut spending.

Current Events – The Aurora Colorado shooter and the Sandy Hook shooter have shown us the true face of evil.

The conspiracy theory people have shown how crazy they are. They look for every little thing wrong with the “official” story. Not everything is the governments fault.

Kids Growing Up – My kids are not so little anymore. Sometimes I regret not spending more time with them. Regret causes depression. Maybe its better not to look back too often.  If we keep looking back we lose sight of whats in front of us.

Now that my kids are either almost grown, or are grown, I try to spend time with them.  Whether its going fishing or going camping,,, just something to build memories.

Going into welding – One of my biggest life regrets is going into welding.  If I could have done it all over again I would have probably went to college for something like engineering.

Something, anything would have been better then welding.

While working in the welding shops I would look at my pay check and wonder how my family and I were supposed to make it.  How was I supposed to be able to buy a home, have a car, truck and raise a family on barely above poverty wages?

Oil companies rake billions of dollars in profits, but fab shops can not pay a liveable wage?  There is something seriously wrong with that picture.  There is something wrong with men getting killed to bring home a pay check that barely covers the bills.

Time to enjoy life – As my kids get older, its time for them to start taking responsibility for themselves, which means getting a job, education,,,, doing something to support themselves.

Since I am not having to fork out so much money taking care of the kids, maybe I can start spending money on myself.

Its time for my wife and I to go camping, go fishing, take trips,,, without taking the kids along.

Its ok to be a little selfish.  Nobody said I have to spend all of my time making others happy.

Moving to the homestead – Its time to get closer to nature.  Part of the plan is to move out to the old homestead, get some more chickens, build a deck off the back of the house, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Plans for the future – I have been seriously thinking about going back into welding.  Then again, that is like thinking about getting screwed up the ass during a prison rape.  Not that I have ever been to prison or ass raped.  But I imagine its a pretty bad experience, kinda like welding for a living.

There was once a time when I worked 70 – 80 hours a week.  I would volunteer for every bit of overtime I could get.

I have not worked like that in almost 20 years.  I worked in a fab shop between 2004 – 2005, which meant 50 – 70 hours a week.  Its nothing I want to go back to.

I just do not see working 70 – 80 hours a week, being exhausted every day, and only for the company to throw me some table scraps.

My long term goal is to live in peace and quiet – In Tron:Legacy there was something mentioned about removing oneself from the equation.  Is it possible to remove yourself from the equation of life?

Most people can be placed into one of two categories – the givers and the takers.  But what about people how contribute as much as they take.  In other words they are neutral in life. They are neither a positive nor a negative.

Is it possible to contribute to society as much as you take out?