Surprised By The Gun Haters

One thing that has surprised me after the Sandy Hook shooting is all of the hatred towards guns. This is not your typical “we need to ban guns” type of hatred that we see after a shooting, this is unbridled hatred.

This is the nazi and the jews type of hatred, pit bull attacks a baby type of hatred,,,,. If those people could, they would take every gun away, and that is absolutely crazy. Crazy that logical people have a knee jerk reaction to a tragic event.

Instead of placing the blame on the root cause of the gun violence issue, gun haters blame the tool. That is like blaming Snap-on for someone drinking and driving.

If the people are not united, can we survive as a nation?

After Waco and the Branch Davidian stand off, did gun haters want religion control?

After the financial collapse of 2008, did the gun haters want banking control?

With so many pit bull attacks every year, are the gun haters calling for pit bull control?

President Obama is having US citizens killed with no due process of law, are the gun haters outraged about that? Probably not.

From the CDC – Smoking & Tobacco Use Fact Sheet

In the United States, smoking is responsible for about one in five deaths annually (i.e., about 443,000 deaths per year, and an estimated 49,000 of these smoking-related deaths are the result of secondhand smoke exposure).

Where is the rabid anger towards tobacco?  443,000 deaths a year is nothing to turn a blind eye to.

If there were 443,000 gun deaths a year, congress would take action.

Place Blame Where It Belongs

Why don’t the rabid gun haters place the blame where it belongs, which is on mentally ill people?

To blame the person would be to admit something is wrong with society. Who wants to admit society failed to meet the needs of the shooter?

Why does a first world nation who is “supposed” to be educated, respond to shooting with such anger and emotion?

Maybe the gun haters are an example of how we are neither educated, nor civilized?

Maybe the shooters are an example of how barbaric and uncultured our society has become?

What trait do the shooters share?  They were angry at how they had been treated by society.

Maybe, just maybe, we need to take a look at how we as a society treats those around us?  How do we treat the weak?  How do we treat the poor?  How do we treat the mentally ill?  Does everyone in our society have an equal chance to become successful?

Society has failed on all of those points.

Unless you have health insurance the mentally ill do not receive the care they need.

Do companies make sure employees are treated fairly?

Do companies make sure employees are paid a liveable wage?

People will resort to violence when they have no other choice.  Most of people use violence as a last resort, some people use it as a first option.

There is something wrong with society when we treat certain deaths differently then other types

A child is killed in a school shooting. How is that death any more tragic then a childs death caused by drinking and driving?

A child is injured in a school shooting.  How is that different then a mother doing drugs and the baby is born with birth defects?

The problem is, society does not want to place the blame where it belongs.

Mother drinks while she is pregnant, child is born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Is the mother charged with a crime? Of course not.

John Wayne Gacy killed 33 people, but for some reason those deaths are less tragic then Sandy Hook?

Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 people, but for some reason those deaths are less tragic then the Aurora Colorado shooting?

President Obama is using drone attacks to kill people, but those deaths are not as important as the Columbine High School shooting?

When did society get to pick which lives are more important then others?

Gun haters are acting like spoiled brats

Gun hating liberal – “we have to do something about gun violence.”

Gun owner – “what about cancer related deaths outnumbering gun deaths?”

Gun hating liberals – silence,,,,,,, “we have to ban guns.”

Gun haters are like a spoiled brat that did not get what they wanted for Christmas.  All they are concerned about is what “they” want, and not what is good for the nation.

Drinking and driving is the price we pay for cars and alcohol

Just as drinking and driving is the price we pay for having cars and alcohol, gun violence is the price we pay for a free society.

In 1991 my life was affected by a drunk driver when my mother-in-law, wife and son were hit head on by a drunk driver.  My mother-in-law was killed, my wife was seriously injured, and my son suffered several injuries.

How are those drinking and driving related death and injuries any less important then gun related death and injuries?

Only a fool would say drinking and driving deaths are less important then gun related deaths.  But yet, that is what gun haters would have us believe.  Somehow, someway, my mother-in-laws death is less important then someone who died at Sandy Hook or Aurora Colorado.

And that is gun haters would have us believe.