Water Well Considerations For The Farm

One of the big issues we are having to deal with is having a water well put in at the homestead. To have one professionally drilled is going to cost at least $5,000. That $5k number is a low ball estimate. If the driller has any issues then the price could easily go to $6,000 or $7,000.

Another option is to drill the well ourselves.

Then comes the question if we want a submersible pump, air pump, or some kind of lift pump that pulls the water to the surface.

Submersible pumps can be expensive, and they do not work without electricity.

Using air to pump water out of the well is cost effective, and it works without electricity. If you “had” to, a bicycle air pump could be used to push water out of the well, or even a 12 volt car/truck air pump. In a worse case situation use a 12 volt battery and a 12 volt air pump to pump water out of the well.

The typical water well that most people think of has lift limitations as in it can not lift water past a certain depth, and it does not work without electricity.

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. My wife and I want to move in April 2013, but having a water well drilled could put us back another 5 – 6 months. So what do we do?

We improvise and overcome.

With help from www.drillyourownwell.com I think my wife and I are going to drill our own well to get us moved.

Here is the plan

Sink 3 inch PVC pipe down until we hit sandstone,

drop 1 1/4 inch well point to bottom of well (for outlet pipe),

back fill with gravel to create buffer between soil and well point,

build a well head for air input and water output,

install water storage tank next to well head,

use water pump to pump water to home.

When I was living in Orange Texas this was the setup my wifes grandfather was running, and it worked well.

The storage tank had a float to tell the air compressor when to come on. The compressor turned on, pushed water out of the well and into the storage tank. The water pump then pumped the water to the home.

We had two homes running off this system, and not a single time did the well go dry. the 250 gallon storage tank acted like a buffer between the homes and the water well.

Sink the well then build a storage building around the well head. The shed will contain and protect the air compressor and water pump from the elements. Install the storage tank outside the shed under a leanto.

Worse comes to worse, a pitcher pump would be installed on the well head. Since the well head will be inside a shed, we can pump water when the weather is bad.

Share your comments and suggestions.