Dianne Feinstein Obama And Gun Control

There has been a lot of talk from Dianne Feinstein and obama about gun control. My honest opinion on the matter, neither of them want the laws they are suggesting.

The only reason Dianne Feinstein and obama are talking about gun control, is to make the liberals happy, and to say they did “something” after the Aurora Colorado and Sandy Hook shootings.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

Why would Dianne Feinstein and Obama be faking the call for gun control?
Because the proposed laws are too radical.

Proposed Gun Tax

Poll taxes were struck down. The government can not charge a fee or tax on a right. There is no fee to go to church, there is no fee or tax to vote, there is no special government fee or tax to read a newspaper or watch the evening news.

The gun control act of 1934 set reasonable limits on the ownership of fully automatic weapons. People can still own fully automatic weapons, but thy have to jump through hoops to do so.

Dianne Feinsteins proposal to pay a tax on a right will not stand up in court, and she knows it. But to make the liberal left happy, she has to introduce “something” in the wake of Sandy Hook. This is why Dianne Feinstein keeps getting relected, because she appeals to liberals.

Proposed Background Check

Once again, the government can not unreasonably restrict the rights of the people.

There is no background check before voting, there is no background check before going to church, there is no background check before reading the news, there is no background check before a trial by jury, there is no background check before an accused person can call an attorney,,, etc.

This is nothing more then Dianne Feinstein and Obama grandstanding and making a show.

Firearms Would Have To Be Turned In When Someone Dies

Part of the new law would ban the sale and transfer of existing military style weapons. When someone dies, the weapons would have to be turned over to the government.

One of the corner stones of our society is the government can not take someones property without due process, and then the person has to be reimbursed at fair market value.

The government can not walk into your house, take your TV and not reimburse you for it.

There is no way this part of the law will stand up in court.

The government can not order people to turn over their bibles. Our freedom of religion protects us from such intrusive oversight.

As with our bibles, the government will not be able to order people to turn over something they are legally entitled to own, and something that is a protected right.

If anything, the government would have to buy the firearm at fair market value.  A few thousand challenges to the value of the firearm would drag the federal court system to its knees.  That colt 6920, its worth $5,000, and not the $1,100 the government offered.

Lawsuits over the fair market value of the firearms would bring the federal court system to its knees.  The goal is not to defeat the government, but to occupy the court room so that it can not be used for anything else.  No tax cases, no bank robbery cases, no drug cases,,, could be heard while the courts are full of challenges on the fair market value of the property.

Once protestors filled the courts with challenges on how much their firearms are worth, the new gun laws would be defeated, at least for a little while.

Where is the government going to get the money to buy back the firearms?  Last I heard we were close to $17 trillion in debt.  Maybe the federal reserve should just print more money?

Supreme Court Rulings

The people have two Supreme Court rulings that protect our right to keep firearms in our home.  A challenge on the ban of concealed carry is working its way through the federal court system.

This is where the liberals know they will lose.  The people have two supreme court rulings protecting our right to gun ownership.

The government can restrict certain rights to protect the general public.  We already have a system to make sure criminals do not have access to firearms.  But then again, if criminals paid attention to laws, we would not have criminals.

Real Reasons For Drastic Gun Control

A good number of the measures being introduced either have no chance of passing congress, or will be struck down in a court challenge.

So why introduce the measures at all? Introducing radical gun control measures will serve two purposes – to make gun grabbing liberals happy, and to further divide the nation.

Lets just go ahead and face the facts, there are people out there that hate guns. Just as there are people who hate others because of their race, religion, color, meat eaters,,,, and anything people can think of.

The gun haters will not be happy until all of the guns are gone. But that is not going to happen because gun ownership is a protected right.

Dianne Feinstein introducing gun legislation is like PETA getting a bill introduced to ban slaughter houses.  Finally someone has listened to PETA, finally animals are going to be protected.

Guess what, its not going to happen.

What this gun legislation is going to do is further divide the nation.

Dianne Feinstein and Obama are going to introduce a bill they know has no chance of passing.

To the gun haters its going to appear that the holy grail is finally here.

The major portion of the gun legislation will not pass.

The Republican party and the NRA will be demonized as not doing enough to protect our children.

Will the gun legislation do anything to curve violent crime, no it will not.  Mainly because the root issue will not be addressed, and that is mentally ill people inflicting violence upon others.