Rethinking SHTF Rifle And Ammunition Choices

The shelves are empty, except for a few select calibers.  Those calibers are 243 Winchester, 30-30 Winchester, 270 Winchester, 7mm magnum, 45 colt and 30-06 Springfield.  A line of people are  standing at the counter in the hopes the store got a shipment in.

Palmetto State Armory Freedom predator hunting rifle

Sounds like something from a movie?  Nope, its the result of panic buying after the Communist Dianne Feinstein talked about another gun ban in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

The calibers left on the shelf share some common denominators, they do not fit semi-automatic rifles, nor are they chambered in modern day military grade rifles.

There are semi-automatic rifles on the market chambered for 243 Winchester and 270 Winchester, but they are not very popular with modern day hunters.

What Was Sold Out

Everything besides the calibers listed above were sold out. 223 Remington, 22 long rifle, 308 Winchester,,,,,.

If it fit a semi-automatic rifle, and especially a military style rifle, it was sold out.

I did not expect panic buying to affect 22 long rifle. Everyone and their brother and sister owns some kind of 22 firearm; but why stock up on 22 long rifle when the government is talking about banning military grade firearms?

Let’s Talk Ammunition

If semi-automatic calibers are the first ones to be sold out, would it not make sense to have a couple of rifles in 30-30 Winchester and 270 Winchester?

156 pound whitetail deer taken with 30-30 Winchester
156 pound whitetail deer taken with 30-30 Winchester

Back in the 1990s I received a Remington model 700 mountain rifle chambered in 280 Remington / 7mm Express as a Christmas present. In the mid-late 1990s 280 Remington ammunition was relatively inexpensive. Over the past 2 decades price increases have made the 280 Remington too expensive to shoot. To replace the expensive 280 Remington I bought a rifle chambered in 308 Winchester.

Now I am faced with a dilemma, 308 Winchester is sold out everywhere, while stores still have 280 Remington / 7mmm Express in stock.

What is a survivalist who is trying to stockpile ammunition supposed to do?

If we stockpile popular calibers that do not cost a fortune, that caliber is the first to be sold out.

If we stockpile less popular calibers which are not chambered in semi-automatic rifles and not chambered in military grade rifles, then maybe we will have a chance to buy some after the panic buying kicks in.

Maybe We Can Reach A Compromise

Instead of stockpiling “just” calibers chambered in both semi-auto and bolt action, why not have a couple of rifles in 30-30 Winchester, 270 Winchester, 280 Remington, 7mm-08,,,,?

SHTF survival rifle DS Arms SA58 FN/FAL

As I write this article during the panic buying, there are online stores that have 243 Winchester, 25-06 Remington, 7mm-08, 270 Winchester  and 280 Remington  in stock.

While people are scrambling to buy 223 Remington / 5.56mm, 7.62×39, 308 Winchester and 22 long rifle, other calibers are being overlooked.

Instead of focusing in the three main military cartridges, maybe we should consider adding at least one other hunting caliber that is not chambered in a semi-automatic rifle.

Awhile back we talked about stockpiling too many calibers.  That article was an example about how easy it is to stockpile a wide range of calibers, brand names, bullet weights and types of bullets.  For the 30-30 Winchester alone I probably have three different brand names of ammunition and two different bullet weights.

I do not like to stockpile a wide variety of ammunition and various bullet weights.  Personally, I like to stick with what works in a given firearm and on a given animal.  But that is what happens when the stores are out of stock, sometimes you have to buy what is available.