Wake Up Call For Survivalist

As liberals and gun haters dance in the blood of children in their call for new gun laws, survivalist need to wake up. SHTF comes in a wide range of disasters. Sometimes its hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural disasters, sometimes its losing a job or financial collapse,,,.

In the case of December 2012, it was a crazy kid with a gun that gave liberals and gun haters the needed fuel to call for more gun laws.

Over the course of a few days gun stores were stripped of every AR-15 they had, and all of the ammunition they had in stock.

The following days people became desperate to get their hands on an AR-15, magazines and ammunition.

Some examples include:

Colt 6920 for $4,000
Ebay – (2) (TWO) AR-15 NEW, Aluminum NATO 5.56 AR15 M4 30 Round .223 Magazine Magazines Winning price: $315.00 (24 Bids)
Bushmaster patrol rifle – $2,299.00
PTR-91 – $2,275
S&W M&P 15 – $2,000
Ebay – Magpul PMAG 30 MagLevel, Black with Window & Dust cover NWT $65.00
Ebay – 3 Magpul PMAG 5.56×45/.223 $165.00
Ebay – Two BRAND NEW IN BAG black Magpul PMAG 30 5.56/.223 $95.00 (sold)
Ebay – Magpul PMAG 223 5.56 Black High Cap Mags 30 Round $39.95 (10 available / 40 sold)
GunsAmerica – Colt 6920 M4 rifle $3,400.00

We can learn a couple of things from this – supplies will dry up fast, and there will be price gouging on an epic scale.

The supplies drying up so fast was a surprise to me. I expected supplies to dry up, but its an eerie feeling to see it happen. Things reminded me of when a hurricane was approaching. People went to the store and bought whatever was on the shelf. It did not matter what it was, they were going to buy it.

With the stores sold out, and no idea when they were going to get more ammunition or magazines in, I started to question my own preps. Is the ammunition and magazines I have enough to last my family and I through a long term disaster?

One thing that worries me is a ban on certain semi-automatic rifles, and a lack of supplies that might last for years. What is my family supposed to do when we can not get 30-30 Winchester, 308 Winchester, 22 long rifle,,, due to so much demand?

In a free market capitalist society, companies would build new factories to increase supply. But in todays market when so much is controlled by investment firms, all they care about is the bottom line. Why build a new factory when they can raise prices?

After the Connecticut shooting, Cerberus Capital Management decided to sell Freedom Group.

Freedom Group Owns:

Advanced Armament Corporation
Barnes Bullets
Bushmaster Firearms International
Dakota Arms
DPMS Panther Arms
H & R Firearms
Mountain Khakis
Para USA
Parker Gunmakers
Remington Arms
Remington Military
Remington LE
Remington PMPD

In other words, the future of those companies and their level of production is uncertain.

One of the things going for gun owners, it is a matter of national security that gun companies stay open, especially Remington.

Not only are gun owners facing a new assault rifle ban, but the companies that make our firearms and ammunition are facing uncertainty.

Panic Buying and Price Gouging

Once supplies dried up, prices doubled, triples, quadrupled,,,,.

While looking through ebay I saw Pmags that sold for $12 – $17 just a few days before the Connecticut shooting, now selling for $50 – $65. How does something go from $15, to $65 in a matter of days?

Making money is the American way. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you buy low and sell high.

However, taking advantage of others in their time of need is nothing to be proud of.

But then again, do you “want” or “need” a semi-automatic rifle? Are the people paying outrageous prices buying AR-15s because they are worried about them being banned? Or do the people have a legitimate use for the rifle?

If someone does not “need” the item, is it really price gouging? Just because someone has ask $4,000 for their colt 6920 does not mean someone is going to buy it.

Fear fuels panic buying. It is the fear of the future, it is the uncertainty that drives people to buy.

Question Your Survival Preps

As the panic buying and price gouging kicked into full speed, I found myself questioning my preps.  Do I have enough 45acp, enough 223 Remington, enough 30-30 Winchester, enough 308 Winchester, enough 9mm,,,,,? How much ammunition is enough for a long term SHTF situation?

The Newtown Connecticut Shooting was a SHTF event for the entire nation, maybe even the entire world. One one hand we had a dead children, on the other had we had liberals, socialist and communist calling for more gun control.

Something that I have noticed over the past 30 years with gun control, there are ups and downs.

The only thing I can compare the current level of panic buying to, is the assault rifle ban of 1994.  Once the panic settled down, prices came back to normal.

I remember buying 30 round AK-47 magazines and 30 round AR-15 magazines at the Houston Texas gun show a couple of years after the 1994 ban was enacted.  Four years after the 1994 ban was enacted, it was like it never happened.  AR-15s were still being made, AK-47s were still being imported,,, everything was back to normal.

I, like a lot of other survivalist sit on the fence on certain purchases.  For a year and a half I have been looking at buying another AR-15.  But for some reason I never did bite the bullet and buy.

In December 2010 I bought a DS Arms SA-58 FN/FAL

In January 2012 my wife bought me a Remington 1911 R1 as a birthday present.

Its not like I have been sitting on the fence on firearms in general.  Before I bought another AR-15 there were other firearms I wanted to buy, such as the 1911 and DS Arms FN/FAL.

Most people do not have unlimited funds to buy firearms with.  real life bills come first – electric bill, water bill, car note, insurance, lunch money for the kids,,,, and so on.

This goes back to the wake-up call.  If you want something, you better buy it.  You never know what is going to happen.