Panic Buying Is Not The Time To Buy

The panic buying of December 2012 is a reminder to preppers / survivalist, if you do not have it before SHTF, you are not going to find it afterwards.

For well over a year I had been sitting on the fence on getting a new AR.  Then came the Connecticut school shooting and renewed calls for banning so called “assault rifles.” At the time it seemed the crazy politicians finally had the fuel they needed to drive some form of gun control through congress.

Congress was out for the holidays, so its doubtful anything could be done until January. The president had the financial cliff to deal with, which means gun control was going to be on the back burner for a few weeks.

The actions of Adam Lanza and the venom filled words of anti-gun members of congress lead the shooting sports community to believe we were looking at a new assault rifle ban. If you do not have it now, chance are you are not going to get it. In response to the current events, I jumped off the fence and got serious about buying an AR-15.

Monday December 17, 2012 every gun store, academy sports and outdoors and walmart was sold out of AR-15s. The walmart in Lufkin Texas had a Sig Sauer M400 in stock, but who wants to drive an hour for a rifle that could be sold before you got there.

A gun store here in Jasper Texas had a Bushmaster patrol rifle, and a Diamondback AR-15 in stock. If this was going to be one of the last AR-15 rifles I bought, it sure was not going to be a Bushmaster, or a rifle with no reputation.

Wednesday December 19, 2012 my wife found a couple of AR-15s in the classifieds section of I got on to take a look, and found a Spikes Tactical ST-15 for $950. The location of the rifle was Orange Texas, which is about an hour and 15 minute drive from Jasper.

The Spikes Tactical ST-15 was one of the rifles I was looking at buying in 2011. If you order a new Spikes, you are looking at least a 6 – 8 month wait. $950 is a little more then what I might have paid if I ordered a new spikes, but not by much. the seller said the rifle had only been fired 5 times. I decided to go ahead and buy it.

I was on vacation from December 19 through the first of the year. After my wife got off work we drove to Orange.

We met the seller in the parking lot between Pizza Hut and Market Basket in Northway Shopping Center, which is just off Interstate 10 in Orange Texas.

The rifle had the Spikes Tactical logo on the lower receiver, so I thought it was a complete Spikes ST-15. I gave the guy $950 cash money, had him sign a bill of sale, I took the rifle, and everything went pretty good.

Got the rifle home where I could look at it in full light,

it has the Spikes logo on the lower, but,

no STI roll mark on the bolt or bolt carrier,
no STI roll mark on the barrel under the forearm grip,
no brandname buttstock,
no spikes logo on top of the rail under the removable carry handle,
castle nut not staked.

Pictures of said rifle.  One of the first things I did was install a Ergo Grip 4045-BK, which improved the looks and handling of the rifle.

[flagallery gid=8 name=Gallery]

After posting some pictures and describing some of the markings on the rifle, the forum members and I came to the conclusion the lower receiver is a Spikes, the lower assembly parts are Bushmaster, and the upper receiver is a DPMS. In other words, instead of a complete Spikes rifle, I have a Frankenspikes.

Do I feel ripped off, yes and no. I figure I paid about $150,,, maybe $200 more then what the rifle is actually worth. But then again, once the parts are replaced, I will have spare parts.

Yes I paid too much for the rifle. Yes it was not as advertised. But, I have another rifle, which are impossible to find at this time.

After talking with Spikes support over the phone, I was told the serial number on this lower was sold as a striped lower in June of 2012.  The seller was full of crap when he said the rifle had been in storage for 6 years.  Maybe more like 6 months, but not 6 years.

Lesson Learned

Lesson learned, if you want something, do not wait until the panic buying starts.

I have been looking at buying another AR-15 for over a year. during the past year and a half I have been sitting on the fence going back and forth on what model to buy and how much I wanted to spend.

When talk of a new assault rifle ban started, I decided to go ahead and buy.

Well, that is what I get for waiting.

You never know what is going to happen to kick off panic buying.  In the case of December 2012, it was Adam Lanza shooting up a school and killing a bunch of kids.  From there, the gun haters in Washington DC used the tragedy to talk about new gun laws.