The USA Is Doomed

Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalistThe United States of America is being bled to death. It will not be long before the bleeding takes its toll, as to which society will have some serious issues to face. Do we stop the bleeding, or do we allow the Federal Reserve to print more money out of thin air?

In the following article I will provide three examples of how the United States is being bled to death from within. All of these examples are based off actual people, and actual events. The names are not being disclosed to protect their privacy.

Example 1

This family has been on some kind of welfare for at least 20 years, and for 2 generations.

The grandmother was on welfare for the birth of all of her children.

The children were raised with medicaid providing health insurance, and food stamps providing nutrition assistance.

When one of the children reached 18 years of age, the grandmother applied for, and received social security disability for the child. So now, the grown child will never have to work, and will receive health care for the rest of its life, and without ever having to work a single day in her life.

The reason for the disability, the grown child was diagnosed as being bio-polar.

Then, the grown child gets knocked up at 18 years old and has a baby. Since the parent is unable to work, the child will be supported by the system.

So there we have it, the grandmother receiving welfare from the time the children were born, until the time the children turned 18. Then apply for social security the child. The grown child then has a baby which will be supported by the system.

Example 2

A Young man, who may have a slight form of autism, his mother applied for social security disability before the young man turned 18. To my surprise he was approved for disability benefits.

I know the young man in question. If someone can walk, talk, hold a shovel, put cans on a shelf,,, they are not disabled.

Do you realize 1 in 80 children are being diagnosed with some form of autism? If we start putting all of those people on social security disability, the system will collapse.

There simply are not enough working people who are paying taxes to support the baby-boomers, and all of the lazy people who do not want to work.

Baby boomers paid into the system, they deserve to draw as many benefits that they can get. Who is going to support millions people who are being diagnosed with autism?

Example 3

Lady in her late-30s is having issues with her weight, so she gets gastric bypass surgery. The stomach develops a small hole, by which gastric acids start leaking into the abdomen. One day the stomach ruptures, spilling the contents of her stomach into her abdomen. She spent the next 6 months in and out of coma, died twice, to which the medical personal at the hospital were able to revive her.

Two years later she is able to get around the house with the aid of a walker, and uses a wheel chair outside the house.

When she applied for social security disability, she was denied benefits.

Before these problems started, she was working as a registered nurse making between $80k – $100k a year.

Here you have a lady who has been paying into the system for 25 years, develops a chronic condition that disables her, and she is not able to receive social security disability.

What the hell is wrong with this nation?

How can we allow people who can contribute “something” to society to receive disability benefits, but people who have paid into the system are denied?

There will always be parasites on society.  If someone can get something for free, most people will take advantage of it.

What has me upset the most, is the nurse who has been denied benefits.  She has paid into the system for 25+ years, held a good paying job, has a real disability, and she has been denied disability.

Why is the government paying people not to work, when the person is able to hold a basic job?  Get a job at walmart, target, best buy,,,, stocking shelves or unloading trucks in the back of the store.  Flipping burgers at mcdonalds does not take a lot of skill.  Its not like people need a 4 year degree to grill burgers or fill a drink order.

Lets just print more money

Why should we be worried about this?  We can always print more money, and that is what the government has been doing.  Have you wondered why everything is getting outrageously expensive?  Part of the problem is the federal reserve has been printing money with nothing to back it up.  This is one of the driving factors of inflation.

To support the system, everyone has to pay higher prices as the dollar loses its value.  Who does this hurt the most?  Its hurts the middle class the most.


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