Ultimate Doom Final Doom and Doom II

Decided to visit the Steam Store to see if any good games are on sale.  The big holiday sale usually starts around December 19th, so I was not expecting any great deals this close to the holiday sale.

While I was browsing the games in Steam I looked up Doom.

You ever get that feeling when you see something that brings back some good memories?  Maybe a picture of an old friend, toy that you played with as a child,,,, stuff like that.

That is the same feeling I get when I see The Ultimate Doom and the Final Doom.  Doom II was ok, I never could develop an interest in it though.

My wife saw The Ultimate Doom at wal-mart, bought it for me, brought it home, tapped me on the shoulder, handed it to me and said something like, “this looks like something you might be interested in.”

There was just something about Doom that pulled me in.  When I first started playing, it was like I was consumed by the game.  I played hour after hour and after of The Ultimate Doom.

A few months later my wife brought Final Doom home.  Holy crap, it was like level after level after level of demons and slaughter.

Then along came Quake. After a buddy of mine told me about Quake, and I got internet, my life was never the same.

Even though Quake was a great game in multiplayer, it did not have the atmosphere like Doom had.

December 2012, it has been 19 years since the release of the original Doom. Holy crap, has it really been that long? Yep, it sure has. The original Doom was released in December 1993. 1993 does not seem that long ago.

The Ultimate Doom contained 4 episodes:

Knee deep in the dead
Shores of Hell
Thy flesh consumed

The original Doom only had the first three episodes – Knee deep in the dead, Shores of Hell and Inferno.

The Ultimate Doom added the 4th episode – Thy flesh consumed.

Final Doom has 2 episodes, with 32 levels per episode.

The 2 episodes in the Final Doom:

The Plutonia Experiment
TNT: Evilution

Personally, I like TNT: Evilution better then I did The Plutonia Experiment .

The second level of TNT: Evilution is called “Human BBQ”.  When the level starts, one of the first things you see is a human being spit roasted over a fire.  It kinda sets the tone for the rest of the level.

I do not remember what map it is, but in one of the TNT: Evilution levels, there is this huge room.  As soon as you enter the room walls start scrolling down with demons appearing out of the space behind the wall.  It is a very action filled level with lots of room to run around.

Doom II: Hell on Earth is a single episode with 32 levels.

At the end of Inferno in the original Doom, the player sees a city burning, implying the demons made their way to earth, which sets up the story for Doom II.

I never could develop interest in Doom II. The way the levels were designed, it was like I was playing in a box.