My Theory On Why Americans Are So Violent

Here is my theory on why Americans are so violent, and its not that we love violence. When given the chance, most people pick peace and quiet over violence.

If we prefer peace over violence, why do so many people prone to violence?

Overlooking the Angelina River near Jasper, Texas

My opinion, there are two factors that promote violence in our society:

1, The lack of upward mobility.

2, Violence is a learned social behavior.

There is an article on Live Science saying Murder May Spread Like Infectious Disease.  That article discusses a couple of important factors, one factor says that murders are more likely to be committed in low income neighborhoods.

If you track murder like a disease, it spreads and burns itself out.  But if you look at the tracking on a map, higher income areas have a lower murder rate then lower income areas.

For the most part, why is murder a low class crime?

Something to occupy free time – If you take a bunch of chickens and throw them in a cage, they will get bored.  Once boredom sets in, the chickens start pecking at each other.  Once blood starts to flow, chickens will peck each other to death.  Killing the weakest chicken in the flock is an evolutionary trait which helps keep the rest of the flock healthy.

Now lets go back to the poor and middle class.  How do they spend their free time?  When my kids were little, I worked 50 – 80 hours a week at a heat exchanger fab shop, which left me with almost no free time.  I did not have any free time to be bored with.

Most lower class people work part time jobs, or no jobs at all.

Having so much free time with nothing to do breeds boredom.  Why should we expect people not to pick at each other when they are bored like what chickens do?

Maybe the difference in the murder rate between rich and lower class, is that the rich have stuff to keep their mind busy?  The rich usually have hobbies, jobs, cars, swimming pools, discipline,,, maybe something to do besides standing in the welfare line.

Upward Mobility – All of us ask ourselves the same question at one time or another, “is this all there is to life?”

You have worked hard through your 20s, 30s and into your 40s,,, now what?  Is this all life has to offer me?

Punk kid drops out of school, finds out he can make quick cash selling drugs,,,, why go to college or learn a marketable skill?

The lower and middle class come to the realization that there is nothing in life except to work their fingers to the bone.