Random Thoughts November 27 2012

Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalistIt is time to have another random thoughts article.

National Debt – I figured it was time to make anther article when I read this opinion piece at the Wall Street Journal. According to that article, our national debt already exceeds $86.8 trillion, or 550% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

According to the authors of that article, the true amount owed to the Federal Reserve is hidden from public view.

In other words, the government is treating the people like a bunch of mushrooms, we are being kept in the dark and fed crap.

I do not know for a fact that the national debt is anywhere close to the $86 trillion range like the article claims.  Even at $16 trillion we are in deep trouble.

What is sad, the nation is bankrupt, and there are people looking for a government handout.  There is no money, but people want more free stuff.

Coleman – The same Coleman company that makes outdoor products, why you no offer all of your products in the USA?

Why am I finding Coleman tents in overseas stores, but not in stores here in the states?

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I was doing some google searches for a good 2 man tent, when I came across several stores in the UK selling coleman tents.

Do a search for those same tents in the USA, and nothing comes back.

Coleman Bedrock – I have never even heard of the Coleman Bedrock, but its listed in the amazon.co.uk site.

Coleman Avior X2 – the Coleman Avior X2 has been discontinued to the US market, but can still be found in co.uk and .eu websites.

Coleman Cobra – listed on the amazon.co.uk website, but not the amazon.com website.

Why are those tents offered in England, but not the USA? Does Coleman hate the USA? Our money not good enough for you?

Candy Ass City Kids

Over the past couple of weeks I posted some videos on youtube showing wild hogs.  The videos did not show anything graphic, just your typical hog breaking out of a pen, and transporting a wild boar hog out of a creek bottom.

The sissy boys and girls at youtube got all offended by people getting hogs out of the woods.

Holy crap, really?

For some reason its ok to keep a pig in a pen, feed it commercial feed, butcher the pig, then send it out to the grocery store.

But its not ok to go out to the woods and get your own pork?

What has happened to this nation?  A lot of those city slickers have turned into slackjawed faggots who are afraid to get a little blood on their hands.

I bet they are fine going to the local grocery store to buy some pork chops.

As long as they do not have to look at the animal they can disconnect themselves from reality.  The reality is, meat is getting expensive.  There is free pork in them-their-woods, so why not go get it?

You what we need?  We need a long term SHTF situation to kill a bunch of these bleeding heart pansies off.

Black Friday – is killing Thanksgiving.  If you are over say maybe 35 years old, maybe you had a family tradition of eating lunch, sitting around talking, maybe watch the football game, take a nap, catch up with the relatives,,, and so on.

For the past few years, its eat lunch, then rush down to the local big box mart to get in line for the black friday sales.

At what point is saving a few dollars worth more then spending time with your family?

Next year (2013), I am thinking of skipping black Friday in favor of spending some time with my parents.

AK-47 Prices – stop buying AK-47s, right now, just stop it.  There is no foreign made AK-47 is worth over $400, and $800 for domestic made.

If you are panic buying, you are driving prices up, just stop it.

If you want a military style weapon, buy an AR-15 from an American company.

Forget paying $600 for a WASR-10, they are not worth near that much.

Cost of Living / Cost of Retirement – A buddy of mine and I were talking over the weekend about the cost of living and the cost of retirement.

How is an average working family that is barely getting by supposed to save for retirement and also afford to help the kids get through college?  I am 44 years old, and I am just “now” able to afford to save any money.

After being assraped by the Texas Attorney General over child support, exwife dragging the divorce out over 2 years, stagnated wages, cost of housing going through the roof, cost of food rising at triple the rate of inflation,,, how is anyone supposed to save money?

My wages have been stagnated for 20 years.  I adjusted for minimum wage, I currently make about 1/3 of what I did when I was 21 years old.  That is 23 years of stagnated wages.  How the hell are people supposed to get ahead in that type of economy?

Keep in mind companies like Apple are reporting record profits, at the same time wages are stagnated.  And nobody cares.  As long as the banks and stockholders are happy, then everyone is happy?

Gaming – The Steam holiday sale is only in about 3 weeks.  The only game I am really looking for is Borderlands 2.  If Torchlight 2 has a deep discount I might pick it up.

My daughter asked me to buy Overlord; I told her I would if it went on sale.

I need to get back into Skyrim, which is an amazing game.

Left 4 Dead 2 is getting old.  How many times can you play the same maps over and over?  Maybe after Valve gets the Steam workshop going on Left 4 Dead 2 things will pick back up.

In case you have no idea what Skyrim is, here is a video,