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Hunting Wild Pigs After SHTF

Need a good source of renewable food after SHTF, look no further then the wild hog.  Wild hogs have invaded all of the lower 48 states, Texas alone has an estimated 1.5 million feral hogs.

The problem is, the hogs are mean, can be difficult to trap, can injure or kill hunting dogs, and can be difficult to transport.

Trapping Wild Hogs

Hog traps are only limited by your imagination. They can include anything from a box trap to a pen trap.

Wild pigs taken off a hunting lease in Southeast Texas

The usual hog trap is made out of welded angle iron, and is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. The door is spring loaded so that when a hog enters the trap, the door closes behind them. Some traps are rigged so that the door opens while the hog is rooting around the edge. The hog pushes the door open, the hog goes into the trap, and the door closes behind the hog.

Hog traps are not that difficult to build, all you really need is the materials, wire cutters, maybe some boards, hammer, nails,,,,.

Most people use corn to bait the traps.

In some cases hogs will not enter the trap.  When that happens, wire the door open for a couple of weeks so the hogs can go in and out of the trap.

Some traps are portable, as in they can be moved with a truck, trailer, or ATV.

Some traps are stationary and take hours to disassemble and move to their new location.

The advantage to stationary traps, they are larger then portable box traps and allow for more hogs to be caught at a single time.  Where a portable box trap may catch a couple of hogs at a time, a pen style trap could catch a dozen hogs at a time.

Hunting Wild Hogs

The key to hunting wild hogs without a trap is to have some good hog dogs. It helps if the dogs have a cutvest and a throat guard. These help protect the dog from being disemboweling, or having its throat cut by the hogs tusk.

The dogs should make quick work of getting on a hogs trail.  Instead of having to try and stalk, or sit in a stand for hours, if hogs are in an area, the dogs will find it.

Wild boar hog taken with 30-06 Springfield

One of the problems with hunting hogs with dogs, once the dogs get on the trail of hog, the dogs can run the hog for a mile or more.  On the last hunting trip, the dogs chased the hogs so far from the boat,  friends had to be called in with boats so the hunters, the dogs and hog could get back to the boat.  Instead of trying to carry the hog back to the boat, the boat was retrieved and brought to where the hog was at.

Hogs like areas with oak trees for acorns, creeks and streams to cool off in the summer heat, and areas to root around in.


Once the hog has been caught, then comes to time to transport the hog back to camp.  Or at least transport the hog alive closer to camp so the meat does not spoil while on the way back home.

After the hunting party has brought a couple of hogs back, then the hogs can be bred so the hunters do not have to exert so much time and energy trapping or hunting the hogs.

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