Drawback to Remote Primitive Camping Sites

One of the major drawbacks to remote primitive camping sites, you never know what idiot you are going to end up next to.

November 24, 2012 a buddy of mine and I headed out to the Angelina river close to Jasper Texas to do some camping. These are primitive camping sites that are only available by boat.

Remote camping site on the Angelina River

We arrived at the camping site, set the tents up, then headed out to the river to do some fishing. Just before the juglines were set out, I got a call on my phone saying my son-in-law and his hunting buddies caught a hog in the river bottom. The dogs had chased the hog a long way from the boat, and they needed some help. But that is another story.

After helping my son-in-law and his hunting party pack the hog back to the boat, my buddy and I headed back to our camping site.

By the time we got back to the camping site we only had about one hour of light left. We broke out the camp stoves, cooked a quick meal of Mountain House freeze dried foods, then started the camp fire.

Shooting Into The Night

The whole time my buddy and I were cooking dinner, and starting the camp fire, the group in the next camping site over were shooting their guns. After the sun went down and the last glimpses of light faded away, the people kept shooting their rifles.

Gun safety – trigger disciple, muzzle disciple, target disciple.

How the hell are you supposed to have target disciple when you are shooting into pitch black darkness?

The direction the people were shooting was towards another camping site. Thank goodness that camping site was not occupied.

My buddy and I were sitting next to the camp fire, while someone less then 150 feet away was shooting a large caliber rifle into the darkness. What the hell is wrong with people?

Everytime a round would sound off, I would cringe in fear in the hopes that the bullet would not go zinging by.

Cutting Trees Down

Besides the shooting, the scumbags were cutting trees down.

The chop, chop, chop, went on for what seemed like 30 minutes at a time, then came “timberrrrrrr” and a crash.  This happened three times.

What kind of asshole goes to public lands, then cuts down trees?

Why waste time with an axe?  Why not bring a chainsaw and cut down all the trees they wanted?

My buddy and I, we brought oak firewood with us. Next time I might do like the assholes and just cut down whatever trees I want.

The Next Morning

Sunday, November 25, 2012 my buddy crawled out of his tent at the crack of dawn to get the fire going.  I slept a little late, I crawled out of my tent around 8am or so.

The great white hunters, no more then 150 feet through the woods were back to the war on peace and quiet with a wide range of calibers.  From the sounds of things, they were using a variety of 22 long rifle, large caliber rifles, and shotguns to lay waste to what would have otherwise been a perfect morning.

Shooting towards my camp site – The last straw came when our camping site peppered with bb’s from a shotgun blast.

I first, my buddy attempted to walk the 150 feet or so to the great white hunters camping site, but the bullets zinging through the trees kept him at bay.  As an alternative to waling, my buddy got in his boat, dove around to the great white hunters camping site to express his displeasure with being pelted.

With serving in the army, my buddy posses a rather lucrative vocabulary.  I am pretty sure he could make a French whore blush from time to time.

I was not sure if taking a boat was safer, as the shooters were shooting towards a straight-away section of the river.  This means that the great white hunters could have fired off several rounds before they heard my buddies boat motor.

Upon arrival back at our camping site I asked how things went.  I was told they there a bunch of stupid rednecks.

As we were heading back to the boat launch I was going to take pictures of the boats to get the boat numbers. This was just in case the people did not have a permit to be camping at that site.

By the time we reached the camping site, the people were already gone.

As luck would have it, the scumbags were at the boat launch.

I pulled my boat up to the bank, jumped out of my boat, then started taking pictures of the guys truck and boat.

The guy pulls his boat out of the water, parks, then walks over to me and ask why I am taking pictures of his truck. I told the guy “I choose not to answer that question.” From the glazed look on his eyes, he must have ate donuts for breakfast. He seemed to have no idea on how to reply to my comment.

The guy made a comment back along the lines of, “is this about peppering your camp site?”, but I did not answer.

For one last jab, the guy made a comment – “yall must not hunt very much.” As if “hunting” was an excuse to shoot towards a camp site?


In my past 30 years of camping I have been a lot of miserable trips. I have been cold, wet, freezing, shivering, sweating at 2am,,,, but some asshole shooting into the darkness no less then 150 feet from me has to take the cake.

The people knew we were there, as a couple of them walked into our camp site as we were setting up the tents on the first day.


I contacted the local Army Corp of Engineers office to file a complaint on the people.  Come to find out, they did not have a permit to use the camping site.

Good thing I took pictures of their truck license plates and boat numbers.  At least now law enforcement has a way to track them down.