Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Its difficult to believe the end of November is almost here, and the end of 2012 is drawing near. Where did 2012 go? It seems that the older I get, the faster time flies by.

For Thanksgiving dinner, my wife, my daughter and I are going to my mom and dads house in Bridge City. My uncle might be there, my brother has to work, but he might drop by.

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We will probably have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, dressing, ham, pie,,,, along with all of the fixings.

The end of November is a great time for Thanksgiving. The year is drawing to an end, its time to look bad, reflect, and give thanks for what we have. In todays economy, a lot of people are lucky to have a roof over their head and food on the table. Some people are not so lucky or blessed.

After eating with mom and dad, my wife, daughter and I will probably head back to Jasper to get ready for Black Friday.

The Walmart in Jasper Texas has certain items that will go on sale at certain times, and at certain locations in the store. There is a map on the walmart website that can be printed out to show where the items will be at.

Instead of there being a mad rush for the items, its first come first serve. If you want the item, get the map, go to the marked location in the store. There will usually be some tape on the floor designating where the line for the item starts.

This will be the third black Friday my wife and I have done at the Walmart in Jasper Texas. Its not the crazy experience you see on TV with the doors flying open and hundreds of people bum-rushing for the items they want.

If you want the item, get in line early. Last year my wife and I were inline for around 8 hours.

When we arrive at Walmart, the first thing we do is go to sporting goods to get a couple of lawn chairs. Then we find the item is marked in the store, then we setup camp.

To break the boredom I will make a trip to the magazine section, get a magazine, go back to my chair, read it, go back to the magazine section and swap out for another one.

A lot of people get lawn chairs, use them all night, then leave them in the store for the Walmart employee to put up. My wife and I buy the lawn chairs. Since we used the chairs, why not go ahead and buy them.

In the past two previous years there has been a fight over towels. Why would anyone fight over a stupid towel?

I like to use Black Friday to shop for SHTF survival gear.  Lowes in Jasper Texas usually has Maglight LED DD and DDD flashlights on sale.  I like to pick up a couple of those lights to give out at Christmas and to have a couple in inventory.  The Lowes usually has tool kits on sale, so I might pick up a tool kit to bring to the Bug Out Location.

The Walmart in Jasper Texas is advertising a SIG Sauer M400 enhanced version they are supposed to have on Black Friday. But as of yesterday, sporting goods had not got any of the rifles in stock. nor were the rifles marked on the Black Friday store map.

I thought about buying the SIG Sauer M400 enhanced version, then putting a Bravo Company midlength upper receiver on the Sig lower.