Keeping a Wild Boar Hog in a Pen after SHTF

It’s life after SHTF, you and your family need something to eat, so the yall head out to a local river.  The dogs are let loose, a few minutes later the dogs corner up a 200 pound boar hog.

The boar hog is loaded in the boat and brought back home.

A pen is hastily assembled out of whatever materials you can find.

The boar hog is put in the hen, and the leg ties taken off.  Since the pen is made out of fence, the boar hog rams the fence, breaks the wire loose, then the hog runs off.

Wild boar hog in pen

Sounds unlikely?  Well, that is what happened when my son-in-law bought a boar hog home.

In this case the dogs were waiting outside the pen in case the hog got out.

Keep in mind this is not a friendly domesticated hog, this is a wild boar hog that will use its tusk to tear flesh off the bone.

The dogs caught the hog, and the hog was put into a stronger pen.

Lessons learned, wild hogs are less likely to run into the side of the pen if there is something blocking the hogs view. In other words, if the hog can not see what is on the other side, chances are the hog will not ram the side of the pen.

Hogs are stronger then they look. All it took was one hit to the fence for the wire to tear loose.

What Happens Next

The wild boar hog will have its nuts removed. This will improve the taste of the meat. Commercial pork processors remove the nuts from male piglets. Most people who eat pork do not know it.

The wild boar hog will be kept in the pen and fattened up for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months.

The hog will then be processed.

Negative Youtube Comments

It is simply amazing how many bleeding heart liberals are out there.

One youtube commenter said to buy a domesticated hog instead of catching wild hogs.  The person who made the comment probably has no idea that hogs are an invasive species that was imported to the United States.

Another youtube commenter said “Setting untrained, non herding dogs on a boar is vile.”  The commenter probably does not realize a wild boar would kill a sheep dog.  The boar would use its tusk to rip that poor little sheep dog to pieces.

Another youtube comment, “this is one reason why i left the boards.”  Catching your own food is why you left the forums?  Maybe its better that people who are not serious about survivalism leave, that way the rest of us do not have to waste any time or effort on them.  If you do not have the guts to do what needs to be done, why are you here?

Besides the hate filled comments there were some great ones

One youtube commenter said “This is how you get free hogs you human parasites! Quit pissin down yer legs an shove some tasty bacon down yer worthless pieholes! Great vid! GOD BLESS!” That guy gets it. He understands that todays artificial society was founded on catching wild game.

Do we think the first domesticated goats, sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, camels, jungle fowl (which became chickens),,, went into domestication willingly? Would you willingly go into slavery? Would you want to be put into a pen or kept as a pet?

This video is a good dividing line between the talkers and the doers. Are you willing to trap, pen, kill and eat a wild hog? You say you can, but when the time comes, will you be able to?

As with everything else in life there are talkers and there are doers.

What side of the line are you on? Would you be able to take that wild hog and treat it as livestock? Do you think that wild hog is going to go willingly into the pen? No, its going to fight with everything it has.

People have become disconnected from real life

We go to the grocery store, buy some pork chops, steaks, ground beef, sausage, and little thought is given to how animals are raised in livestock factories.

Then people get mad when a wild hog is brought out of the woods and breaks out of the pen? They are called “wild animals” for a reason.

But then again, I wonder how many armchair commandos and city dwellers get to see nature in its natural state?

Why did the dogs chase the hog?  Because that is what dogs do.  Does the wolf chase the deer?  Does the deer lay down and let the wolf kill it?  Or does the deer run and fight the wolf?

Humans are top tier predators, dogs are tools, hogs are food.

We praise dogs for their hunting ability.  But when we see dogs and hogs playing out their natural roles, its somehow offensive?  How is nature offensive?  Its only offensive to people who do not understand it.