Random Thoughts November 16 2012

Time for another random thoughts post.

The Amazing Spider-man

Bought The Amazing Spider-man for the grandkids to watch. The grandkids are between the ages of 3 and 5 and were not interested in Spider-man. But they can watch The Avengers all day long.

Why did Sony have to go back to Spider-man having an artificial web?

I thought The Amazing Spider-man was a rather bland.  I like how they got away from the Green Goblin and introduced The Lizard.  The original Spider-man movies seem to stuck on the Green Goblin.

Wages Today

A few days ago I was thinking about how much money I was making in the welding shops. In 1987 the top pay of the welding shop I was working at was $11.13 an hour. Minimum wage was $3.35 an hour.

11.13 divided by 3.35 = 3.3223.

In other words, top pay in the welding shop was 3.3223 times minimum wage in 1987.

In 2004 I checked back at that same welding shop, top pay was only around $14 an hour, which was less then 3X minimum wage at the time of $5.15. In other words, wages have not kept up with inflation or minimum wage.

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In 1990 I made around $35,000 with overtime.  I thought that was pretty good for 22 years old.  Minimum wage in 1990 was $3.80 an hour.  Other words, I made 9,210 times minimum wage in a single year.  But then again, I worked a lot of overtime to reach that $35,000 dollar mark.

To keep up with the standard of living I had in 1990, I would have to be making $66,772 a year.  Take my word for it, I make a lot less then $66,772 a year.

How much money are you making today as compared to minimum wage?  Have your wages kept up with inflation and minimum wage?

For those of you over 40 years old, how much where you making 20 years ago as compared to today?

Israel, Iran and conflict in the Middle East

Seems Israel is having issues with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Personally, I think Israel is looking for a reason to go to war with someone. The war with Iran is falling through, so why not declare war on Hamas.

War is a way to dispose of the younger generation, keep the statuesque, make the people fear the government, increase military spending,,,,.  In other words, war is good to keep the people in line and for big business to make money.

Something Israel is having to deal with is the growing population of ultra-orthodox Jews.  Ultra-orthodox males do not work, do not serve in the military, are supported by a welfare state, and out-breed non-ultra-orthodox Jews.

Sooner or later Israel is going to have to deal with the increasing welfare demand of ultra-orthodox Jews.   Its a matter of money.  The working class can not continue to support a non-working class of people.

This ultra-orthodox Jewish stuff sounds a lot like the welfare system we have setup in the USA.

Instead of cutting welfare programs, why not have a massive war, kill millions of people, then we do not have to worry about people being on welfare.  The people that will left over will be put to work in the factories.

Remember the wages we talked about earlier?  During a major conflict, it would be a matter of national security that people work for reduced wages.

The USA is reaching a point where we are going to have to do “something” about welfare.  Would it be better to cut benefits to people who have never worked a day in their life, or declare war on someone like Iran, draft people on welfare and send them to die?

What is the purpose of a welfare state?

To vote for people like obama, enough said on that topic.

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Helping people Prep

While I was getting my hair cut today the lady mentioned she wanted some chickens.  I asked if she lived within the city limits and how much land she had.  She told me she lived outside the city limits and had 10 acres.

I offered to help her and her husband build the chicken coop.

To the lady, chickens were a way of getting fresh eggs.

To me, eggs and the chickens are a source of fresh food and protein after SHTF.

I did not tell the lady I was a survivalist, as there is a stigma that goes along with prepping and survivalism.