Changing Demographics of the United States

On election day, November 6, 2012 it became clear the voting demographics of the United States has changed. White working class, heterosexual, conservative, are no longer the majority. We are still out here, but we no longer hold the majority of the vote.

Instead of white conservatives holding the majority, a collection of special interest groups and liberals hold the majority.

How did obama win the election? Because he won the votes of liberals, blacks, hispanics, and gays. People are no longer unified behind a common idea. Instead, we are divided along racial, religious, ideology and economic lines.

People no longer vote for what is best for the nation, they vote for their special interest groups.


Why did obama win the hispanic vote? Because he talked about giving millions of illegal immigrants amnesty. A family member of an illegal immigrant voted for his cousin to stay in the nation, and that is why obama won the hispanic vote. Lets not worry about the fact that illegals are breaking the law.

If someone wants to become a US citizen, let them start by following our laws.

We can not blame someone for wishing to better their lives, and the lives of their children.

But if someone breaks our laws, then we can blame them for their willful neglect.  Illegal immigrants willfully break our laws.

Should Hispanics vote to legalize millions of their friends and family members, or vote to curve welfare spending?

Illegal immigration has always been an issue. Low wage workers undermine the wages of qualified citizens. From the 1980s until now, the government has turned a blind eye to the ever growing illegal immigrant tumor. Finally the tumor got so large it could not be removed.

The physical drain created by the illegal immigrant tumor contributed to the passing of the middle class.


Its a matter of pride that blacks finally got a black president.

Its a matter of greater pride that not only did we have a black president, but that he was also reelected. Now maybe the US Government can make amends for slavery and repressing blacks for centuries.

To continue to look at things in black and white only further divide this nation.

When will we stop blaming the current generation for crimes committed hundreds of years ago?

Racism is like a sore.  As long as people continue to pick at it, it is not going to heal.  We need to drop the black and white issue.  Society needs to become color blind so that race is not an issue.

Is electing a black president more important then financial reform, or balancing the budget?  Is having a black president more important the breaking the strangle hold the banks have on our economy?


There is nothing wrong with being gay.  There is something wrong with making it a political issue, and that goes for both sides.

Why must gays make their lifestyle a political issue?  Because the religious right is dead set on making the gay lifestyle illegal.  The religious right alienates the Republican party.

The Republican party and the religious right seem to go hand-in-hand.  As social ideas and tolerance chances, the Republican party must also change.

Gays are going to vote to protect their lifestyle, there nothing wrong with that.  But is protecting gay rights more important then financial reform or abolishing free trade?  Are gay rights more important then balancing the budget?  Are protecting gay rights more important then out of control federal spending?

We must unite

The nation is being divided over petty issues.

Should be more concerned about gay rights, or inflation?

Should be more concerned keeping racism alive, or break the stranglehold wall street has on our economy?

The baby boomers are retiring, the jobs have been shipped overseas, so who is supposed to pay the bills? Who is going to get up in the morning, go to work, earn a pay check and pay taxes?

What is really important?

Dealing with the cancer of free trade should have be an important issue during the 2012 elections, but people were more interested in legalizing millions of illegal immigrants then our jobs going to china.

Bailing out the banks should have been a serious issue, but that was cast to the side for less important social issues.  Shouldn’t banks be allowed to go bankrupt like everyone else?  But no, the federal government is there with a blank check to help the banks.

Out of control welfare and military spending should have been an issue.

Sending money overseas should have been an issue.

Career welfare should have been an issue.

Instead of forcing romney and obama to debate the serious issues, special interest groups allowed the candidates to make open ended promises.