Who will be our next enemy

As General Patton once said, “Americans love to fight.”  So what happens when we run out of people to fight?

Since World War II we have been in some kind of conflict with “someone”.

1940s – Germany, Japan and the start of the cold war.

1950s – Korea, and the cold war.

1960s and early 1970s – Vietnam and the cold war.

1980s – cold war came to an end.

1990s – Bosnian War, Gulf War and various smaller conflicts.

2000s to present – war on terror.

2012 and beyond – we are running out of terrorist to kill.  The American people are putting the 9/11 attacks behind us, people are getting bored of drone strikes, Bin Laden is dead,,, now what?

Example from the Walking Dead

For you Walking Dead fans out there, do remember when Shane died at the end of Season 2?  Do you know “why” Shane had to die?

Shane had to die so an even worse villain could be introduced, which turned out to be the Governor.

The drama between Rick and Shane was getting old, it had to reach a head sometime.  With Shane dead the movie needed a new antagonist, and thus the Governor.

With Bin Laden dead, now what

Now that Bin Laden has been killed, drone strikes are getting old and the people are getting bored, now what?

Who is going to be the new antagonist to replace Bin Laden and terrorism?

The government has two problems:

1,  needs a reason to justify spending billions of dollars on the military.

2, needs something to keep the people rallied and occupied.  A bored populace is a dangerous populace.

When people get bored

Who knows what might happen.  Maybe the people will start paying attention to politics, maybe they will start demanding a higher standard of living, maybe demanding better wages, shorter work week,,,.

Could we imagine what would happen if companies like walmart were forced to pay a liveable wage?  Maybe start providing 3 or 4 weeks vacation every year, more paid holidays?

Maybe just maybe, people would demand a better standard of living then what they currently have?

Anyone remember Ruby Ridge and Waco

What happens when the government does not have anyone to murder?  They start murdering our own people.

In the 1990s we had the Ruby ridge and Waco incident.

People get bored and start paying attention to their government.  What does the government do?  It murders some citizens to strike fear into the public.

Who will be our next enemy?

I think it will either be china or iran.

Just as the Walking Dead killed off Shane, and then introduced the Governor, I look for the US government to introduce an enemy worse then bin Laden could have ever hoped to be.

With Iran enriching Uranium, this gives the US a perfect scapegoat to launch a nuclear attack on a US city.

In other words, I look for a nuclear false flag event so we can go to war with Iran.

What do we have to lose by going to war with Iran?  We could lose some troops, some planes, weapons,,,, but we also create a reason for more military spending and expanded US imperialism.  We need more bases around Russia and China.  So why not invade Iran and grain another foothold in the middle east?

Israel has been pushing the world to go to war against Iran. Maybe Israel would launch a false flag operation to incite some kind of military strike against Iran?