Lazy Mothers Cost the Economy 100 Billion Dollars

You want to know what is really nice about our society?  We get to demonize certain groups, and then victimize other groups.

An example of this is an article posted on CNN – unpaid child support cost tax payers $53 billion.

The article talks about how dead beat dads do not pay child support, and if the child has to go on public assistance, this cost the tax payers billions of dollars every year.

If society wanted a fair and balanced system, make sure both sides share an equal burden.  In the case of child support, an unfair portion of the burden has been placed on the dad.

To be fair to both sides of the issue, lets spin that article around.  The article states “41% of households headed by single women are below the poverty level.”

In other words, 41% of households where the woman is too lazy to go to college or learn a trade or skill, those families are below the poverty level.

Instead of saying its the dead beat dads fault that the mom and children are living in poverty, lets lay the blame where it belongs, on the mom. How many of those moms living in poverty have anything besides a high school diploma? How many have a science degree such as engineering or computer sciences?  How many of them sit on their butt and expect other people to provide for them?

See how easy it is to point the finger and place blame?

If the dead beat dad is expected to have a job and support his children, then the dead beat mom should also be expected to have a job.  Need more money to take care of your children?  Get your ass up, get an education or job skills and get a job.

It took a team effort to make the child, so it should take a team effort to support the child.

But yet society points the finger at dead beat dads and says they are the ones responsible for mom and children living in poverty?  No, absolutely  not.  The mother is just as responsible for her and the child living in poverty.

If the mother wants custody of the child, then the mother should bear a higher level of responsibility to provide for the child then the dad.

Part time parent, full time responsibility

Dads who do not have custody of their children, a lot of times are viewed as part time parents.  But who is responsible for providing health care insurance for the child?  Not the mom, its the dad.  Who is responsible for providing financial support to the family?  Not the mom, its the dad.

Why shouldn’t both parents share an equal burden for raising children?

Because society has demonized dads and victimized moms.

Society has told mothers they do not have to provide financial support for their children, that is dads job.

Child support laws need to be changed

Why aren’t both parents should be required to provide financial support?  If the system “really” wanted to be fair, shouldn’t both parents bear an equal burden?

If the dad loses his job and gets behind on his child support payments, he can go to jail. But the mom can sit her lazy ass at home and not be required to do anything?  Is that fair to the financial stability of the child or children?

Why is it ok for society to point the finger and the dad and say, “you, you there, you are responsible.”  And at the same time, society tries to make the mom out to be the victim of a dead beat dad who knocked her up?  How is that fair?

Dads are a punching bag for society

Need somewhere to place the blame for moms and kids living in poverty?  Dads make a convenient scapegoat.

Lets take the blame that should be placed on the mom for not being able to support her children, and place that blame on the dad.

GOD forbid everyone have to share the burden for taking care of the children.

Mom complains she is not getting enough in child support; do we really think a judge is going to tell her to take responsibility for the children she helped bring into the world and to take measures to improve her life?