Bad Kids Smoke More Than Good Kids

Article on showing children diagnosed with ADHD are more likely to smoke then kids not diagnosed with the disorder.

In other words, kids who lack self-control and discipline are more likely to smoke then kids who have self-control and have discipline.

Is there really a big surprise there?

If a kid will not listen to the parents or teachers, what makes us think the child will listen and understand warnings about drugs?

Little Johnny, if you do not do good in school you will have problems finding a job.  Little Johnny is a brat in school and does not want to do as he is told.

Little Johnny, if you do drugs you will become addicted which will lead to a life of crime.  Little Johnny gets strung out on crack, then starts breaking into homes to support his drug habit.

Who do we blame?  The kid, the parents, the school, society?

Personally I blame the parents and I blame society.  But then again, why do we need to blame anyone?

Political correctness is ruining our education system

There was once a time when children were allowed to fail in school, just like they would have failed at their jobs.  But with new laws that have been passed recently, the school has a financial interest in pushing students through the system.

Then there is amending the system based on race. Florida has established race-based education goals. In other words, Blacks and Hispanics are not expected to be held to the same standards as Whites and Asians.

When the kids finish school will the Blacks and Hispanics be expected to do the same level of work as Whites and Asians?  Or will Blacks and Hispanics get a reduced workload and a 32 hour work week?

Besides learning to read and write, our education system s supposed to teach work disciple.  If you do not preform your assigned task, then you fail.  In the real world failure means losing your job, losing your home, losing your car, getting your electricity turned off, getting your water turned off.

What happens when kids are not allowed to fail in school?  They learn they can act anyway they want and there are no repercussions for their behavior.

Little Johnny does not want to learn to read?  That is ok, we will drop the requirements so Johnny can pass.

What does that teach Johnny?  That he can do whatever he wants and can get away with it.