Random Thoughts October 18 2012 State of the Nation

Over the past few weeks I have been posting some of these random thoughts articles.  This type of format gives me the chance to address a wide range of topics in a single post.

What I would like to discuss in this post is the state of the nation.

The United States is going to hell in a handbag, and none of the talking heads in Washington seem to care.  Either they don’t care, or they have been paid not to care.

Food stamp program has increased 100 percent under President Barack Obama.  According to an article on the Daily Caller, food stamp participation is up 100% over the past 4 years.

When obama was elected president the people were hoping for change, but is that the type of change yall were wanting?

Do not blame me for obama getting into office, I voted Libertarian Party.

In 2011 the government spent approx. $1.03 trillion on welfare. This does not include Social Security and Medicare.

According to a government report, welfare is up 378% in the past 30 years.

Nothing can sustain that kind of growth, especially if the tax payers are paying for it.

To put that 1.03 trillion into perspective, it would probably fix every road, highway and bridge in the nation.  But instead, its spent on welfare.

Obama has not fixed the economy.  Of course obama does not want to address the sucking sound of our jobs going to china.

Apple makes a cool billion in profit, in part through exploiting cheap overseas labor.  You think companies like apple are going to build factories in the USA and pay their employees made in USA wages?

Who in their right mind wants to build circuit boards in the USA when companies can use cheap labor overseas?

Neither obama or romney are facing the real issues

The political parties that are talking about the issues are kept out of the debates.

What is sad, the American people are not demanding the people running for office address the real issues.

Its like obama care, a lot of stuff in obama care is good, such as extended coverage for children.  Its the mandate to purchase a product that has so many people mad.

If the government can mandate citizens to buy health insurance, where does it end?  Can people be mandated to buy a car, or shoes, or boots, or a hat?

The hat industry is lagging a little bit lately, so lets mandate everyone in America buy a hat.  If you do not buy a hat, then you will be fined $25.

Why isn’t the public demanding free trade with china come to an end?

Why isn’t the public demanding social programs and free education be denied to illegal immigrants?

Why isn’t the public demanding illegal immigrants be rounded up and shipped back to their home country?

Why isn’t the public demanding a tax break?

Why isn’t the public demanding an end to people staying on welfare for decades?

Why isn’t the public demanding we cut overseas aid?

I don’t guess those issues are important enough to demand action on?

If you think things are not bad enough to get upset over, ask yourself, how long can welfare grow at 25% every year until the system is overwhelmed?

Welfare eating away at our future

Those types of cost are like termites eating the walls out of your home.  As long as you ignore it then its going to be ok?  That is until the weight of the roof makes the walls collapse, and the house falls down.

The walls of the house are the tax dollars.

Welfare is like a termite.

The roof is things we “have” to pay for, such as military, social security, medicare, road, bridges,,, you know, things that keep the nation moving.

Adding more boards is not going to work, as the termites keep breeding.

Raising taxes will only work for so long.

Sooner or later the termites have to be removed.  But you see, when the welfare parasites lose their benefits, they get mad and riot.  The more people we have on welfare, the more dangerous the situation.

At this date and time, we have a very dangerous situation with welfare staring us in the face.  We can no longer support people who are not willing to work, but we can not turn those people loose on the streets either.

Looming food shortages

For those of you that have not been paying attention, recent droughts have depleted world grain reserves.

One more drought year could push nations all over the world into food shortages.  This would mean riots, price spikes, inflation, and civil unrest.