Workplace Inequality

In the recent debates between tweedle dee and tweedle dum there was a question about workplace inequality. I did not watch the debates, the talking heads will say anything to get elected. The after debate articles is where I saw something about gender inequality in the workplace.

I am going to guess its the same ole question asking about the pay differences between men and women, and the how women hit a glass ceiling with promotions and benefits.

Its the same womens activist, womens liberation, trash talk over and over and over.

Here are the facts, women should never be allowed to make the same money, or earn the same benefits as men.

Call it payback for the thousands of years that men have sacrificed their lives in the name of women and children.

Who stormed the beached of Normandy? Men.

When the titanic was sinking, who got on the lifeboats first? Women and children.

Who is expected to lay down their lives for women? Men.

Who is expected to sacrifice their life to save a child? Men.

During world War I, who were getting slaughtered by the thousands every day? Men.

When there is a dirty, nasty, dangerous, repulsive job that needs to be done, who gets called? Men.

When is a woman expected to lay down her life for a man? How about never.

If a man refuses to lay down his life for a woman, he is branded a coward.

10,000 men die on a battlefield, its war.

10,000 women die, its a crime against humanity.

During a divorce, who is most likely to get the children? The woman.

After the divorce, who is most likely to be paying child support? The man.

Why is that?  Because society expects the woman to get the kids and the man to pay child support.  If women want to fight for something, fight for the mans right to have the children and more women pay child support.  We want to be fair right?  Then an equal number of men as women should get the children during a divorce.

Women have their day for breast cancer awareness, where is the mans day for prostate cancer awareness?

Women have the right to have an abortion, where is the mans right to opt of being a parent?  Can a man force a woman to get an abortion?

If we wanted things to be equal, then men should be able to force women to get an abortion.

Little boy gets hurt playing, he is told to suck it up and get tough.

Little girl gets hurt playing, someone picks her up and comforts her.

When a building is on fire, who gets out first? Women, children and cowardly men. At no point would society expect to see a man flee a burning building leaving women and children behind.

Until women are willing to be mowed down by the thousands under machine gun fire, until women are willing to make the same sacrifices that men do, women should not make the same wages, or earn the same benefits that men do.

Disagree? Post your opinion and debate me.