Troubling Trend in Survival Websites

Over the past year or so I have noticed a troubling trend with various based survival websites.

Those trends are sites that offer little unique content, no unique pictures, no unique videos,,, nothing but a site that tries to sell you something.

There are two types of bloggers out there

1 – someone who has first hand information on a given topic. These are the people who enjoy what they are doing, know something about the topic and can offer advice based on their first hand experience.

2 – someone who knows almost nothing on a topic, but hopes to open a website to make money.

What I am going to do is offer some tips on how you can tell a real SHTF survival site from a spam / junk site.

Are the topics diversified

Is the site focused on a couple of narrow topics?  These are called niche sites.

SurvivalBoards and SurvivalistBoards are niche sites, but we discuss various topics, such as political opinions, hunting, camping, firearms, gardening,,, and so on.

When you look at a survival website, how diversified are the articles? Does the author harp on the same topics over and over, or is there a mixture of topics?

Does the author create his/her own content

From time to time sites will have guest bloggers help with the content.  This is normal internet activity.  But there is a difference in having guest bloggers, buying articles and creating your own content.  If someone is going to create a blog, shouldn’t they know “something” about the topic?

When looking at a survival website, is the majority of the content created by the site owner, or are the articles bought from various article directories?

Articles, In the blogging world there are article directories where site owners can buy content.

Start a site about camping, buy some articles, buy some images, put banners on the site, move to the next niche site.

And that is how a lot of bloggers operate.

Images, If you want a clue if the blogger is creating their own content, look a the pictures.  Are the pictures related to the article content?  Are the images copyrighted?

I put a copyright logo on my images to hopefully protect the images from theft, and to let my readers know who the images belong to.

When you are reading an article on some survival website, do the images match the article?  Or do the images look like they were copied off the net?

Videos, This is where bloggers go the extra step.

When reading a survival website that has a video, did the site owner make that video?

Does the site owner have an active youtube channel?  Or does the site owner grab random youtube videos?

Does the site owner develop a relationship with the readers

When you are reading a blog, or website, do you know who the owner is? Does the site owner make it easy for the readers to find more information about the author?

Any blogger worth their salt will let their readers know who they are, where they are from and other details.

My name is Kevin Felts, I grew up in Bridge City Texas, my youtube channel, twitter and .

Beware fly by night bloggers

These are the people who throw a site together, post a bunch of images, post some videos, post a bunch of articles and then are never heard from again.

The articles, videos and images are nothing more then bait for search engines. The creator of the blog hopes to rank well in the search engines, get some traffic,  and make some money.

There are bloggers out there that run anywhere from 100 – 200 niche sites, all in the hopes of making money. The site owner is not interested in content or building a relationship with the readers.  Their only interest is money.

What should a real survival website be like

Just because someone can install wordpress, joomla, drupal or some other blog platform, and write an article, does not mean they are interested in survivalism.

During the 1990s there was a magazine called “American Survival Guide”, also known as ASG.  When this blog was opened, I wanted to create something like ASG, but something different.   I did not want to create something exactly like ASG, just something that captured the magic that was contained within the pages of ASG.

What does it take to create a survivalist blog?  I think it takes honesty and enthusiasm.