Random Thoughts October 10 2012

Guess its time for another random thoughts article.

Romney and the elections

Holy crap, really republicans? Romney is our best ticket to beat obama? I usually vote straight line Libertarian party. But when there is not anyone on the Libertarian ticket I usually vote republician. When I have to vote democrap, I think about bill clinton signing nafta into law, and the untold number of jobs we have lost to Mexico.

Not that the republicans are much better. But if we are going to get someone on the republican ticket, at least let them be pro gun.

Whatever happened to all of the people that were supposed to vote for Ron Paul? Whatever happened to the Ron Paul revolution that was going to change America? I guess everyone forgot about that when it came time to vote.

If so many people were going to vote for Ron Paul, how did romney get the nomination?

Now we have to sit through the debates and watch mcdonalds and burger king argue which one has the better food. Why do we have to go to burger king or mcdonalds, why cant we go to sonic?

The democrats and republicans have brainwashed the people into believing they only have two choices.

I am here to tell you you have more then two choices. If you want real change, when you go to the polls, vote Libertarian Party.

Libertarian Party

You go to burger joint A and get terrible service. You complain about the service but nobody cares.

You get enough of burger joint A, so you decide to give burger join B a try. Guess what, its just like A. Lousy service and nobody cares.

Do you go back to burger joint A, or do you give burger joint C a try?

And that is what voting third party is all about. Its about telling the 2 major parties you have had enough.

I have voted straight line Libertarian Party for close to 20 years. I vote Libertarian Party because I vote for real change.


Iran is on the edge of starting World War III.

In the game of chess you want every piece backed up by another piece, or even two pieces. If a knight takes a pawn, a rook takes the knight, and that is the way Iran has set itself up.

Iran has moved itself into a position to be taken out, due to its nuclear program. The backup is china, russia and even india. All three nations get a good bit of crude oil from Iran. Any disruption in the supply of crude oil will have adverse affects on the economies of those three nations.

What is a great way to kick-start the economy? Start a major conflict.

China has millions of people that need something to do.

Russia needs something to rebuild its national pride.

India needs something to help declare it a world power.

The US needs to make sure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.

Iran does not have to start the war, all it has to do is develop weapons grade uranium. Whether the plans for the uranium is peaceful or not does not matter. The president of Iran just has to keep talking about destroying Israel while enriching uranium. Sooner or later Israel will strike Iran. Then its just a matter of what Russia, China and India does.

Encroaching on China and Russia

Something else that makes russia and china nervous, is how many bases the US is putting in asia. If russia and china feel the US is encroaching, there will be hell to pay. I am really surprised china has not attacked various US bases on the south Pacific.

What happened in the early 1960s when russia tried to put missiles in cuba? John Kennedy got all pissed off about it.

But its ok for the US to park missiles in Poland?

The US is playing a dangerous game with china and russia, in that we are putting too many bases around the borders of both nations.

Sooner or later someone is going to get tired of US imperialism.

Ask yourself, Is the United States prepared for a major conflict?  Our roads, highways and bridges are falling apart, but yet we still send aid overseas.

The economy will never recover

As long as our presidents continue to negotiate free trade agreements,  our economy will never recover.  President obama president re-negotiated trade agreements with Panama, Colombia and South Korea.

When the government gives our jobs away, and then has to print more money to stimulate the economy, something is wrong.