How radical Islam spreads hate

Back in the mid-1990s my wife and I were driving through a poor section of port arthur Texas. There is a welding supply store near the port of port arthur, but to get to that area you have to go through a poor section.

I needed a part for my job, we went to the welding supply store and bought what I needed.

On the way home we stopped at a red light where some blacks (nicely dressed) were handing out papers. I rolled down my window and asked for a paper. The guy would not even look at me, he looked to the side and handed me the paper.

When my wife and I got home I looked at the paper. It was a newspaper filled with racial hate articles pointed towards whites.

There was a cartoon in the paper that showed a couple of people dressed up like the KKK putting bandannas, drugs, guns and beer on a table.

The second image of the cartoon showed a couple of black guys walking to the table.

The third and fourth images were the black guys putting on the bandannas, drinking, taking drugs, then finally killing each other with the guns that were on the table.

In the images, the two klan members were in the background laughing at the blacks.

The caption under the cartoon said something like “do not fall for the tricks of the whiteman”,,, or something like that.

What does this say about a Islam when they blame others for their lack of self-control? Did the klan members in the cartoon “make” the blacks drink, take drugs and shoot each other? No they did not. Those actions were a choice.

Violence as Intimidation

Then there is the shooting of a 14-year-old activist in Pakistan.

What kind of sick people shoot a 14 year old girl, and then try to justify their actions with religion?

This is not the 10th century. We have this little thing called the internet.  Such conduct is seen all over the world, and said conduct disgust civilized man.  Shooting a 14 year old girl should not be tolerated by any culture anywhere on earth.

Christians have a great deal of blood on their hands. But, most of the christian crimes were committed hundreds of years ago.

What we are seeing is not only a clash of cultures, but also a clash of evolution. Not evolution in a physical form, but evolution of culture.

At one time didn’t Christians put people to death for saying the earth of not the center of the universe? But as society and science progressed, that kind of mindset fell to the wayside. We now accept that the earth is just one small part of the universe.

The question is, will radical islam prevail and the evolution of middle eastern society come to a stop?

If the evolution of middle eastern society stops, we will continue to see this kind of violence as the rest of the world progresses.

How can a society from the stone age and a modern society live side-by-side and live in peace?

Evolution of Religion

Most religions evolve to be peaceful. How many violent religions are out there that are hell bent on war with everyone around them? Most of those religions are killed off over the centuries.

Part of that peaceful evolution respect for the law, and respect for fellow man.

Freeing the slaves and civil rights laws were to stepping stones to making blacks and whites equal. Enforcing those laws told people that certain behavior would not be tolerated.

Followers of sharia law do not recognize man made laws.

How is a society supposed to evolve, when the people are stuck on laws from the stone age?

Christianity is a peaceful religion, at least its “supposed” to be peaceful. Nowhere did Jesus tell his followers to kill everyone who opposes his teachings.

Islam on the other hand, is a religion of violence.

There was a time when Christians killed non-Christians right and left. Native Americans were slaughtered by the thousands, maybe even by the tens of thousands.

When there were outbreaks of the plague in the middle ages, so called Christians would round of Jews for slaughter. There are tales of Jews being locked in a barn, then the barn set on fire, as the plague was blamed on witches and Jews.

During those same outbreaks of the plague, those same so called Christians would go on witch hunts. In some villages across Europe every woman was commended to die as a witch. The women of the communities were rounded up and put to death, all in the name of Christianity. So by no means are the hands of Christians free of innocent blood.

Over the past few hundred years Christianity has evolved from its violent past. Rarely do Christians hang gays, or kill Muslims or Jews.

But on the other hand, its the Muslims in Iran that are hanging gays.

Will this slaughter of non-believers continue? Or will Islam evolve as Christianity did?

Evolution of Society

How is this going to work?  The rest of the world makes progress with science and medicine, while radical Islam stays in the stone age.  If someone wants to live in a mud hut or in a cave, that is their business. But they have no business forcing their beliefs on the rest of the world.

Is the middle east going to become some kind of primitive reserve?  An area where no modern society is allowed?  What happens when there is an outbreak of violence, such as with the 14 year old girl mentioned earlier?  Is the rest of the civilized world supposed to sit back and do nothing?

Society is supposed to evolve.  We are supposed to better our living and improve our standard of living.  Instead of sleeping in trees we build homes with walls to keep the wild animals out.  We develop medicine to prevent and cure disease.  We develop math for higher sciences.

So what happens when a segment of the population is left behind?

What usually happens is the segment that stays behind becomes dependent on the generosity of the more developed society.

Who provides medicine, who provides food aid,,,, and other things that improves the quality of life?

Then, for those people we are trying to help to shoot at the aid workers, what are we supposed to do?  Keep supplying aid?  Keeping supplying vaccines?  Keep supplying medicine?

For things to work, society as a whole needs to evolve.

In the example of the 14 year old girl, “they are trying to educate women, kill them.”  That kind of mindset should not be tolerated in the 21st century, as it holds all of humanity back.