Free speech and freedom of religion

Over the past few days there has been a lot of talk on the internet about freedom of speech, and how that speech might anger certain religious groups.

If you are offended by what someone says about your religion, too bad.  Being offended does not grant you special rights.  Being offended does not grant you the right to restrict the rights of others.

UNITED NATIONS – United Nations Secretary – General Ban Ki-moon told reporters in New York today that “free speech” has limits, especially when religious beliefs are involved.

“All of this freedom of expression should not be abused by individuals. … Some people abuse this freedom. This effort to provoke, to humiliate others by using (religious) beliefs cannot be protected in such a way.”

I am going to guess that United Nations Secretary – General Ban Ki-moon was referring to the movie “Innocence of the Muslims” and the cartoons published by a French newspaper.

What about the Jews and Muslims that offend other religions? I guess the Jews and Muslims get a free pass? As long as its Christians being insulted, then nobody cares? When Muslims kill Christians, or when Muslims burn a church, then that is ok?

Foxnews has a news article about a man who renounced Islam and became a Christian.  The man was arrested and sentenced to death.

If the UN wants to weigh in on religion, what do they think about Muslims killing Christians?  I guess that is ok?

The Muslims and the Jews say Jesus was not the messiah. That denial is offensive to me. How dare they say Jesus was not the messiah. I think Jews and Muslims need to shut the hell up, and accept Jesus as the messiah.

As much as we have the right to follow a religion, we should also have the right to be free from religion.

If someone chooses not to follow a religion, nobody should have the right to force their religion upon others. So where do Muslims get off killing Christians who renounce Islam?

Why doesn’t the UN say something when Jews harass Palestinians? Where are the sanctions against Israel for human rights violations in the name of religion?

Lets see, “Innocence of the Muslims” portrays Muslims as violent people. Then those same violent people protest in the streets to prove the movie right. Funny how that works out.

Its not just the Muslims

Hobby Lobby has sued the obama administration due to religious objections to being forced to provide birth control and abortion services.

Article from FoxNews on Hobby Lobby

The lawsuit has caused a backlash towards the company, as some people are calling for a boycott over the lawsuit.

Boycotts serve the same purpose as the riots, and that is the use of intimidation to curve behavior.

People calling for the boycott show as much respect as the people rioting over the innocence of the muslims video.

The base problem is a lack of respect. If the muslims would respect other religions and freedom of speech, we would not be having a lot of these problems.

If non-believers respected the believers, hobby lobby would not be an issue. Respect goes both ways, its not just the religious fanatics that use intimidation, its also the non-believers.  If people are going to complain about violent protest over image of muhammad, then those same people need to protest the protest against hobby lobby.

Its ok to harass hobby lobby over its christian views, but its not ok to harass muslims over what muhammad did?