Values parents fail to teach their children

My wife and I know a local family who are having problems with their kids.  Some of the problems include talking back to the parents, violent outburst, and lack of discipline.  These kids are in the 5 – 7 year age range.

Maybe its a changing of the times.  If I would have screamed at my parents the way these kids scream at their parents, mom and dad would have whipped my ass with a leather belt.

As a adult, it is difficult to sit and watch a 5 year old child scream at their parent.  When the family gets together, the tension between the parents and their children makes the whole family uncomfortable.

I am not a professional in child physically. My qualifications are that I have raised 4 children, none of them are in jail, and are productive members of society.

So what are the values parents fail to teach their children?  To mind, to listen and to sit still.

Teach your children to mind

What happens when children do not learn to mind?  They grow up with a sense of entitlement and turn into career criminals.

When the child does something wrong, the parents say do not do that, the child does it again, the parent says do not do that, the child does it again, the parent says do not do that, the child does it again,,,,.  The situation turns into a battle of attrition to see who will give in first.  In the case of the parents in this article, the parents give in and let the kids do what they want.

Then school comes along.  Teacher tells the kid to do something, and guess what, the kid does not do it.  Why should the child do anything, mom and dad never made the kid do anything.

The lack of disciple at home has made the child unruly at school.

Mom and dad not wanting to take responsibility for their failed parenting skills takes the kid to the doctor and complains.  “Doctor, my child does not mind”, so the doctor gives the child some attention deficit disorder medicine. Doctor should have sent mom and dad to walmart to buy a leather belt.

In my day, if a child acted up, we got our ass whipped, act up again, get your ass whipped again,,, there was some kind of real physical punishment for acting up.

Whip your kids ass these days, and child protection services is called. What are parents supposed to do? Raise a bunch of unruly kids that are destined to be put on medicine, or buy a cheap leather belt, whip their ass and run the rick of being arrested and going to court?

Kid grows up thinking they can do anything they want and nothing is ever going to happen. Then we get career criminals, welfare leaches, and other undesirable trash in society.

Teach your children to listen

This goes back to teaching your children to mind. “Listen kid, you do that again, I am going to get my leather belt and whip your ass”, and its that simple.

Do not pay your income taxes, go to jail

Do not pay child support, go to jail.

Play in the middle of the road, get run over by an 18-wheeler and die.

Pass a school bus with its flashers on, run over and kill a child, go to prison.

There are numerous reasons why we should tech our children to listen, reasons that will serve them well later in life.

Teach your children to sit still

If they are bored, tell them to think, this fosters a healthy immigration.

Children have grown dependent on external stimuli to keep their mind occupied.

In my day, if we had a stick and a ball, he had a baseball game. we did not even need a bat, or a baseball, just some kind of ball and some kind of stick.

Kids these days need smart phones, video games, mp3 players, TV scenes on the car seat. Instead of putting a TV screen / DVD player on the car seat, maybe give the kids a book?

Parent – read this book on the trip to grandmas house
child – suzies parents bought her a portable DVD player
Parent – did I ask you what suzies parents bought her?
child – silence while he/she thinks of an excuse
Parent – well, did I ask you what suzies parents bought her?
child – but I do not wan to read
Parent – did I ask you if you wanted to read?
Parent – I do not care what you want, here is the book, now shut up and read

Its really simple.

When I was growing up

We ate real food, not this processed junk we have today, we drank real cokes, we played with toys that were made out of metal, we ate dirt, we caught chicken pox, we played in the ditches along with the minnows, we also got our asses whipped when we got in trouble, and my generation turned out pretty good.

A lot of todays problems are from people not wanting to hurt the feelings of others.

If you are offended by this blog post, too bad.