Is the United States prepared for a major conflict

Infrastructure – Have you been keeping up to date on our infrastructure? We can not even keep our bridges updated, how are we supposed to fight a war with a major world power?

How many power plants have been built in the past 25 years? Not enough to stop rolling blackouts in peak summer months. If we can not even keep the lights on, how are we supposed to fight a war?

How many steel factories have been closed over the past 30 years?

Do we have the capability to make enough steel to build ships?

Shipyards – How many shipyards have been closed in the 1980s?  Maybe dozens. Shipyards all along the gulf coast have been closed and demolished over the past 30 years.

In the early 1980s as the U.S. started importing more oil from OPEC, the need for offshore drilling rigs declined.

Two major shipyards in the southeast Texas area closed in the 1980s – Livingston shipyard in Orange Texas and Bethlehem shipyard in Beaumont Texas.  Both shipyards were stripped and the equipment sold off to the highest bidders.

The old American Bridge yard in Orange Texas is still in place.

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The shipbuilding industry stayed steady until 1983. From 1983 – 1984 we went from 15 commercial ships, to 5. By 1988, the number of domestically produced ships had dropped to 0. This does not include military ships.

By the time bush sr. took office, we were producing 0 commercial ships. As compared to 20 – 40 ships every year in the previous decades.

The economy of southeast Texas was devastated when our shipyards closed. In all honestly, I doubt we will ever recover from losing those jobs. People went from making $18 an hour to $6 an hour. Between those two shipyards, close to 5,000 lost their jobs. The layoffs had a ripple effect of suppressing wages in fabrication shops around southeast Texas.

Skilled workforce – We do not even have enough skilled people that could be put to work building tanks, ships, trucks, guns, planes,,,, if we needed them. Most of todays young people have no idea what its like to work with their hands.

With more and more young people going into office jobs, do we have a population suited for manual labor?

If the call came, would a desk jockey be willing to exchange his computer for a grinder or welding machine?

Would that wall street banker be willing to get his hands dirty instead of trading stocks?

Would college students be willing to put down the game controller to work a drill press?

The lack of manual labor over the past few decades has left our nation weak, not only physically weak and also mentally weak.  How many couch potatoes are willing to go from working 40 hours a week, to working 80 – 90 hours a week?  And doing hard physical labor at that.

Forward Thinking

While China looks to become a technological world power in the next few decades, the U.S. can not even gets its national debt under control.

We can not even curve our spending to keep future generations out of debt.  While at the same time China looks to become a world technological power.

While our power supply has not been keeping up with demand, China has been building one of the worlds largest hydroelectric dams – the three gorges dam.

Medical schools keep enrollment low to doctors wages will not become oppressed, which has left us with a doctor shortage.  In the coming decades rural America will be facing a serious doctor shortage.

Everything the US does revolves around money and political correctness.  States are going bankrupt, with social programs being a driving factor.

Instead of ending free trade, and putting people back to work, the government continues its offshoring of American jobs, and increases social programs.

Sooner or later we will no longer be able to afford the social programs that are fleecing America.  But with no jobs, what are people supposed to do?