If there is one thing about the AK-47 that sucks, it has to be the factory pistol grip.  The AK-47 is a great rifle, but lets face the facts, most of the factory pistol grips suck, big time.

Thank goodness Falcon Industries has come to the rescue with the Ergo Grip Suregrip.


The Ergo Grip Suregrip is a quick and easy replacement to the factory AK-47 grip. The model I had the opportunity to review was the ERGO AK Classic Grip, model number 4139-BK.

Some specs from the Ergo Grip website:

  • Ambidextrous design with smooth finger grooves
  • Superior design and textured finishes for enhanced weapon control compared to smaller factory grips
  • Bottom storage compartment with tethered rubber plug
  • Installs with 6mm bots (included)


Installing the Suregrip was straight forward, remove the old grip, install the new grip.

The only issue I ran into, a standard allen wrench was not long enough to reach the bottom of the grip. This is not a big deal, my wife and I made a trip to the local hardware store to buy a allen socket.

When the original grip is removed, there is a retaining nut (pistol grip cap) inside the receiver that will fall free. This is not a big deal, just remove the dust cover, remove the rear recoil spring guide, move the retaining back into place.

Guide the included nut through the base of the grip.

Use the allen wrench to thread the bolt into the retaining nut / pistol grip cap. I thought about adding some blue loctite to the bolt, but I did not have any loctite on hand; I might add some later.

A 3/8 drive ratchet was used to tighten the bolt and grip into place.

First Impressions – I liked the new Ergo grip a LOT better then factory AK-47 grip. The thicker grip allows for easier handling of the rifle. The factory pistol grip was a little short for my hand, and I would say I have an average sized hand. The Ergo Grip is a little longer so that my pinky finger does not hang over the end of the grip.

Shooting Session

Shooting AK-47 with ERGO Grip SUREGRIPIt just so happened that we got rain all weekend. After some serious begging, my wife finally agreed to go out to the sandpit while we were getting drizzling rain.

Four 30 round AK-47 magazines with loaded with 20 rounds each, camera batteries were charged, rain ponchos were dug out, all of the gear was loaded into a Maxpedition Condor II, then my wife and I headed to a sandpit on the hunting lease.

The back roads on the way to the hunting lease were so wet that I had to lock in the 4-wheel drive on my Toyota T-100.

After what seemed like forever, and lots of sliding around on the dirt road, we “finally” reached the sandpit.

My wife and I got our rain ponchos on, got the AK-47, Maxpedition Condor-II and cameras then walked across the sandpit to the shooting area. the rain had been on and off on the way to the sandpit, alternating between pouring and a slight mist. While my wife and I were at the pit, all we had to deal with was a slight misting rain.

20 rounds were fired off to get a feel for the new grip.

There is an old saying, “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  In this case, we had rain, which was used to make mud.

After the first magazine was fired through the rifle, I grabbed a handful of mud and smeared it all over the ergo grip.

If you want to do an honest review, do you want to test the item in an ideal situation?  Or do you submit the item to adverse conditions?  The rain and the mud was as adverse as I could get at this time.

Made in the USA

Besides the outstanding quality of the Ergo Grip, it is also made in the USA.

Do you want to spend your hard earned money on made in china junk, or do you want to buy a quality made in the USA product?

Full Disclosure

I received the Ergo Grip Suregrip at no cost to myself.

Even though I received the Ergo Grip Suregrip at no cost, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

I feel that it is important to let my readers know when I review something that was sent to me at no cost. How else are we supposed to build a trusted relationship?