Galveston ferry sucks

I want to tell you why the Galveston ferry sucks.

Evening of September 21, 2012 my wife and I, along with a friend made a trip to Galveston with the purpose of buying a mini-HDMI cable for my wifes smart phone.

We rented a beach house on Bolivar peninsula for the weekend. The TV at the beach house did not have a very good channel selection, so we decided to go to get a cable to stream netflix through ,y wifes smart phone.

Going to Galveston was no big deal. The ferry was on the east side of the channel. We drove straight onto the ferry with no wait time.

We offloaded from the ferry, drove along the seawall, went to walmart, bought the cable, then headed back to the ferry,,,, then waited in line for an hour.

When we arrived at the ferry waiting lanes, one line had already formed, we were in line 2, then a 3rd line formed, then a 4th line formed.

After waiting for about an hour, the ferry finally arrived back.

Guess which line got to load first?
Not line one that had been waiting the longest,
Not line two that had been waiting the second longest,
Not line three that had been waiting for close to 45 minutes.

I will be damned if line 4, the ones that had just drove up, were allowed on the ferry first.

One car skipped the lines, drove up to the man flagging traffic, honked its horn, then was flagged onto the ferry.


Why was only one ferry running on friday night?
Where were the cars that had been waiting the shortest amount of time allowed to load first?
Why was a car allowed to skip the lines altogether?

Galveston ferry sucks, period.