Another Welfare Parasite Article

Welfare is one of my favorite topics. I have been working since around 1984 when I went to work at Market Basket in Bridge City Texas.

Welfare Parasite 1

A friend of the family works for a utility company. A couple of days ago the friend shared a story about a man whos services were cut off. The services were cut off for a $275 bill.

About 3 days after the services were cut off, the individual walks into the office talking on his i-phone, ask how much the bill is going to be, then tells the person behind the counter that a community outreach program is going to pay the bill for him.

The person behind the counter tells the person the community outreach program will not pay the late fee or the reconnect fee.

The man gets off his i-phone, then pulls out a $100 bill to pay the late fee and reconnection fee.

If you have the money to pay a cellphone bill, then you have money to at least pay “part” of your utility bills.

Welfare Parasite 2

There is a certain family my wife and I know, the family has been on some kind of welfare for 3 generations.

The grandmother has been on welfare for about 20 years, the children have been on welfare their entire lives, and not the grandkids are on welfare. Plain and simple, the grandmother is a sneaky bitch who knows how to play the system.

When one of her kids reached 18 years old, the grandmother applied for Social Security disability. The kid is about as disabled as my ass. The people at the Social Security office approved the kids disability, so now the the child receives a monthly check.

This is how sneaky the grandmother is; since the daughter is disabled, the social security office sends the check to the sneaky bitch grandmother.

The disabled daughter gets a boyfriend and gets knocked up. What does sneaky bitch grandmother do? She hires an attorney, then sues the daughter for possession of the child.

So now, the sneaky bitch grandmother is getting the daughters Social Security check, and a check from the government for taking care of the grandchild.

Examples set by welfare leeches

Do you want the truth? Because I don’t think most people can handle the truth.

Welfare leeches are out-breeding people who work for a living. It is just a matter of time before the minority are working to support the majority.

My wife and I know a teacher at a local high school. When the teacher asked the students what they wanted to do for a living, one student raised their hand and something along the lines of, “I want to go to mailbox and get my monthly check like my dad and grandpaw does.”

Kids see their mom and ad going down to the welfare office, what do we expect those kids to do when they grow up? The kids will go to what they know, the welfare office.

Do we blame the people that make a career out of welfare, do we blame the government, or do we blame both?

People in general are lazy. We tend to take the path of least resistance.

Why should a person apply themselves, or go to college, or learn a skill, when they can lower their standard of living and live off welfare?