Load Out for a River Camping Trip

As the river camping trip inches closer, its time to start thinking about the load out I want to bring. There are going to be 4 people spread out over 2 boats. Due to the distance we are traveling, over 10 miles, weight is going to be a factor. The heavier the boats are loaded down, the worse the gas mileage.

Remote camping site on the Angelina River

This is going to be a warm weather trip, so the heavy sleeping bag can be left at home. There will be no need for coats, gloves, cold weather head gear, cold weather boots,,, nothing like that.

For this river camping trip I am going to try to keep the gear down to a minimum. Not a “bare” minimum, just not carry a lot of excess gear.

Medium or Large Alice Pack – if you want to limit the amount of gear you can carry, start with the pack. The larger the pack, the more likely you are to take stuff you may not need.

For the past couple of river camping trips I have brought my large Molle pack. For this river trip I am going to go back to basics with the Alice pack.

When packing my gear I am going to start out with the Medium Alice pack.  If I run out of room I will grab the Large Alice pack.

Maxpedition Noatak -After we reach the camping site, I might want to do a little scouting to see what is around the area.  The Noatak is a good option for a lightweight pack.

Clothing – this is going to be a three day trip.  I am looking at bringing 2 pairs of paints, 2 pairs of shorts, extra socks, underwear, pair of boots and shoes.   Where we are going there are probably going to be snakes.  At night I will probably put on my paints and boots to walk around the campsite.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Stove, fuel, cooking pot – Coleman Max stove and Optimus Terra 16 ounce cooking pot
  • Food – freeze dried mountain house 7 year meals, ramen noodles, snacks, sweets, and maybe an MRE or two.
  • Water filter and SteriPen
  • Canteen / water bottle
  • AK-47 (WASR-10) for snakes and wild hogs
  • Remington 1911 R1
  • Personal hygiene kit
  • Flashlights – 3D cell maglight, AA light and headlamp
  • Igloo 36 quart marine ice chest – just big enough for some drinks, like a couple of 4 packs of Monster energy drinks, ice and some chicken livers for catfish bait.
  • Cameras and spare batteries – Canon Powershot SX20IS and a Canon D10
  • Hammock – Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro
  • Warm weather sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad – Magellan
  • One man tent – for the tent, I am debating on whether to bring the Eureka Solitaire or the Wenzel Lone Tree Hiker. The Lone Tree Hiker offers more room, but the Solitaire is more compact. I will probably bring the Lone Tree Hiker for the extra room.
  • Tarp for under tent / ground cloth
  • GPS and compass
  • Cell phone
  • Tripod stool
  • Rain poncho
  • Machete – Cold Steel heavy terrain chopper

River Boat

This is going to be a 100+ mile trip through a wilderness area.  Because of the distance, I need to carry some spare parts.

Extra bulb for the fuel line
Fuel line splice kit
Hose clamps
Basic tools
Make sure the boat is registered
Fresh fuel and oil in the gas cans
Charge the battery
Make sure the boat lights are working
Make sure the trailer lights are working
Life jackets – one per person
Spare plug

River Fishing Gear

No trotlines for this trip. If anything, I might tie up some limb-lines at the campsite, throw out some noodles, and bring along a couple of fishing poles.

The plan is to setup camp in a slough off the main river channel. While we are in the slough, I want to throw out some lines and maybe catch a couple of catfish.  It would be nice to have a fire-roasted catfish for dinner.

I am going to bring my main tackle box, catfish bucket, noodle bucket and 2 poles.  I might put the noodles in a bag, and put them under the front deck of the boat.  This will free up some room in the main section of the boat.