Random thoughts September 18 2012

Well, it seems Mitt Romney stuck his foot in his mouth by saying Obama supporters see themselves as victims, and that Obama appeals to voters who do not pay taxes.

In other words, the people who vote for Obama are lower class and live off welfare.

Yep, I pretty much agree.

Its like the lady during the 2008 election that said if Obama is elected, she will not have to worry about her mortgage.

Its just another way of saying the government is going to take care of you.

Out of all of the people who voted for Obama, how many of them are low income? But then again, how many low income people vote democrat? Probably a bunch of them.

I find it comical that Obama was elected to start with, and that anyone would vote for him during the re-election. But then again, there are a lot of people out there that like living off the system. Vote for Obama, and we will see the national debt skyrocket. As long as the poor are getting their food stamps and public housing, who cares how much debt we are in.

Violence in The Middle East

The more I think about the anti-US protest, the more I think we should nuke the middle east. Then send Halliburton in to bulldoze the whole area into the sea. Lets turn turn the whole middle east into a big pond, or a lake,,, something useful.

Israel continues to beat the drums of war against Iran; Iran continues with its nuclear program.

I am so sick and tired of it. How do people live with so much drama in their lives?

If Israel attacks Iran, who is the one that will be stuck cleaning up the mess? Not Israel, its going to be the US.

A lot of this goes back to religion. If your religion tells you to kill someone, that is a stupid religion. Any GOD worth following would want its people to live in peace.

We need to nuke the middle east, bulldoze it and then establish a new religion. The religion of Jack Daniels. Or maybe establish the religion of Crown Royal. After all, Crown Royal does have a crown, so it must be some kind of king or royalty.

PC Gaming

I thought about calling this entry just “gaming”, but I figured the console gamers would get confused. The only console I have is a wii. There is a playstation and gamecube in my sons room, but my sons dog chewed through the wires.

Over the past few months I have grown rather bored with gaming.
I bought Skyrim, played it for a few hours, got bored.
Downloaded Black Mesa, played it for a few hours, got bored.
Bought Dead Island, played it for a couple of hours, got bored.
Bought Oblivion, got bored.

All of the games I buy, I wait until they go on deep discount on steam. Oblivion, I paid something like $9 for it. I think Dead Island was something like $6 or $7.

The only game that I can stay interested in lately is Left 4 Dead 2. Even with L4D2 I am starting to get bored.

Its like the game developers are not making anything new or cutting edge anymore. Why cant developers make something new, something different? Left 4 Dead was an awesome game because it was different. A team based game set in a zombie invasion. No other game comes close to keeping up with the Left 4 Dead series. What does Valve do? They let L4D & L4D2 fall to the wayside.

Where TF2 gets an update every few days, the Left 4 Dead series might go months without a serious update.

Google blocking Innocence of Muslims

Seems google is bowing to political pressure and will block the youtube video Innocence of Muslims from certain muslim controlled nations.

I bet the people at google would burn the bill of rights to make a buck.

When someone post a video insulting Christians, nobody cares.

When the question of google censoring content for china came up, the people at google said that the company should focus on making money, and not on politics. So google is going to slightly bend to politics to make a buck?