Random thoughts September 16 2012

2012 Elections

How the hell did obama get elected? Is romney the best the republican party can offer? My opinion on the 2012 elections, the average american is a idiot. the majority of the people out there have no business voting, much less picking our elected officials.

When the people keep voting the same idiots into office year after year, nothing is going to change.

If the people want real change, first they have to change the way they vote.

When a republic breaks, its not the government that breaks, its the people that are broken. The way we vote our elected officials into office (the two party system) is broken.

You got to restaurant A, the service is lousy and the food is terrible.

You decide to go to restaurant B, the service is lousy and the food is terrible just like A.

Do you go back to A, or do you give C and D a try?

With voters logic, you keep going between A and B hoping things get better, while ignoring those new places down the road C and D.

The average American voter is too stupid to vote third party. How are we supposed to fix the nation when the same two parties are voted into office over and over?

Conflict in the middle east

In order to succeed in the middle east, we have to win the hearts of the people. The problem is, a militant minority are willing to inflect violence on others, then to live in peace.

There will never be peace in the middle east, not as long as religion influences the decisions of the people.

With Iran marching forward with its nuclear program, something will have to give sooner or later.  It seems like everyday Israel wants the world to do something about Iran.  But what are we supposed to do?  Enter into another prolonged war?

We have a president that will not allow Marines guarding the US embassy to have live ammunition.  But yet we are supposed to do something about Iran?  That is laughable.  On the 11th anniversary of 9/11, violent protest broke-out all over the middle east, and the Marines did not have live ammunition?  If obama is not willing to defend the embassies, how are we supposed to do anything about Iran?

This is what I see happening, Irans nuclear program will continue to progress.  obama is not going to do anything about it.  Then we have a radical muslim nation with nuclear weapons.  You think 2 planes hitting new york was bad?  How are you going to like a nuclear device going off in new york?  Or worse yet, a nuclear device in Houston, or at the mouth of the Mississippi river / New Orleans area.

We will never win the hearts of the people in the middle east.  All of our efforts, time, money and lives lost are in vain.

So what is osama bin laden is dead?  In a few years someone will rise up to take his place.


Watched Snow White and the Huntsman.  I thought it was pretty good.  Not as awesome as Lord of the Rings, but still pretty good.

Is Snow White and the Huntsman worth buying?  I don’t think so.  When the movie hits Redbox rent it for $1.25.  I rented it from vudu off my blueray player.

God Bless America, not as awesome as Natural Born Killers, but it was still a pretty good movie.

Is God Bless America worth buying?  Na, do not buy it, just watch it off netflix.

Valhalla Rising, if you liked the original Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you “might” like Valhalla Rising.

At the end of Valhalla Rising, I asked myself what did I just watch? Not that it was a bad movie, I kinda compared it to 2001: a space odyssey.

Is Valhalla Rising worth buying? Na, just watch it off netflix.

Upcoming river camping trip

Earlier this year (2012) a buddy of mine and I were planning a 100+ mile 3 day river trip. Every weekend that we had the trip planned, we got rain. As compared to the spring of 2011 and the drought, the spring of 2012 we got plenty of rainfall.

I had a problem with the fuel line of the boat leaking fuel. Now that the boat is fixed, the weather is cooling off, we are going to try and make the trip before hunting season starts.

The plan so far is 2 boats, 4 people, 100+ miles, 2 nights out on the river.

Church sermon Sunday September 16 2012

Went to church this morning, preacher gave a good sermon on obsessions. The things that we obsess over are the things that fills our hearts.

Are our hearts in the right place? Do we obsessed with money, or are we obsessed over our family?

Are we filling our heart with gluttony and waste? Or are we filling our heart with what is truly important in our lives?

US Economy

Something I found rather interesting last week was the talk about the iphone 5 giving the US economy a much needed boost.

What I find utterly stupid about the concept of the iphone 5 helping the US economy, the phone is made in china with cheap labor, then the phone is imported to the US and sold.  What kind of jobs is the iphone creating?  Low wage sales positions.

Who is the sale of the iphone 5 benefiting the most?  Company profits, apple stock and wall street.

Where are the factories and assembly lines at, they are in China.

Record numbers of people are on welfare, while our factories continue to move to china.

Somehow moving factories overseas to exploit cheap labor is good for the economy?  Exactly how is that supposed to work?

Wall Street would have you believe the more money you spend, the better the economy is.

The more money you spend, the more money wall street makes and the poorer you become.  Save your money and let china keep their toys.