Random Thoughts September 13 2012

Health care

Middle aged man, friend of my family, in his late 40s, let go from his job a few weeks ago, no health insurance, has been suffering from mood swings and headaches for several months. The man has also been forgetting stuff lately.

Family thought it might just be a mid-life crisis that a lot of people experience.

Last night the man started running a high fever. Wife took him to local small town emergency room where an x-ray of his head was done.

x-ray showed a baseball sized tumor in the brain.

Small town hospital shipped him to larger town for cat-scan and mri. Scans showed the cancer has spread into the sinus area.

As of this morning, he is in Houston.

The family is already looking at tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Why isn’t there a safety net for people who make more then what medicaid allows, but can not afford to buy health insurance?

Obama would force people to buy insurance. But when families are barely getting by, how are they supposed to pay for the coverage?

The United States is supposed to be a first world nation, but our health care cost and coverage sucks. Why is there a single US citizen that can not go to the doctor at little or no cost?

Part of the problem is the overall cost of health care. Maybe we should abolish for-profit hospitals and make them all not-for-profit?

I guess the answer to health care is to let those that can not afford to pay their bills to die? That mindset is nothing more then a type of social engineering. Let the poor people die so only the rich and middle class are left? I got some news for you, the middle class is dying.

With the middle class declining since the 1990s, maybe in another 20 or 30 years the only people that will be able to afford health care will be the upper class?

Broken Government

If you think our government is broken, chances are you are right. But where do we place the blame? Do we place the blame on the corrupt elected officials? The voters are the ones to blame, and not the elected officials.

When the people keep voting the same idiots into office year after year, nothing is going to change.

If the people want real change, first they have to change the way they vote.

When a republic breaks, its not the government that breaks, its the people that are broken. The way we vote our elected officials into office (the two party system) is broken.

You got to restaurant A, the service is lousy and the food is terrible.

You decide to go to restaurant B, the service is lousy and the food is terrible just like A.

Do you go back to A, or do you give C and D a try?

With voters logic, you keep going between A and B hoping things get better, while ignoring those new places down the road C and D.

If the service is lousy, why do people keep going between the major two parties?

Anti-US Violence in the Middle-East

Tensions with Iran are the steady increase,
Israel wants to draw a line in the sand for Iran,
Anti-US protest erupting all over the middle east
Syria in a civil war,
Embassies overran,
An ambassador killed,,

Its like a never ending soap opera over there. We have things we need to deal with at home. But instead, we are worried about Libya, Egypt and Yemen. Why are we sending aid overseas, when we have homeless people in the streets?

Things would not be so bad if the radical Muslims were not protesting against the U.S.

The protestors blamed the violence on an anti-Islam youtube video.

That is what happens when east meets west. This is not a problem that will be going away anytime soon.

So what should non-muslims do, cower in our homes hoping we do not offend muslims?  Keep our mouths shut so we do not offend anyone?

Those are not the answers.

The long term answer is in mutual respect. Just because muslims are offended does not give them the right to kill someone. Being offended does not grant certain classes of people special rights.

If gay people went around castrating heterosexuals, because heterosexuals said something that offended gays, heterosexuals should just keep our mouths shut?

But on the other hand, heterosexuals have been forced to stop beating and killing gays.

So where do we draw the line of mutual respect?

Why is it ok for one social group to inflict violence, but not other groups?

Just because a group of people are offended, that group does not get special rights. If we excuse violent protest due to a video, what else do we excuse?

We can say the same thing about interracial relationships, and gays, and women, and blacks,,,,.

Why do women have to get an education and enter the work force? All they are doing is offending men.

Why do people with interracial relationships have to walk around town? Why cant they just stay in their homes so nobody else has to look at them?

Why do gays have to walk around town holding hands? Dont they know that offends normal people?

I eat meat “just” to offend vegans.

My wife drives an SUV just to piss off tree huggers.

I hunt just to piss of animal rights people.

If I post a picture of a deer I killed on the internet, does that give animal rights people the right to firebomb my home? And the authorities excuse the firebombing because I did something to provoke them?

Everything we do in life is going to offend “someone”.

Just because we are offended does not grant us special rights.