What Kind Of Future Will Generation Y Have?

Kevin Felts political commentatorMy first wife and I had 4 children (Generation Y), which were born between 1987 and 1996. I often what kind of nation we are leaving our children.

The U.S. government is broke, and still continues to spend money like kids in a candy store. Jobs are still be deported to china, illegal immigrants can get a free education, and now with the policies obama put into place, the illegals do not have to worry about being deported.

In 20 – 30 years will anyone have national pride? What is a nation without citizens and borders?  What defines a citizen?  Is it someone that walks across the border, then raises their hand for free benefits?  What good does it do to be born here, when people can just walk across the river and get equal treatment?

Then there is the free trade issue. As our factories move overseas, what are your children and grandchildren supposed to do for jobs?  Those factories also mean national security.  It takes longer to build a factory then it does to retool.  Lets say we go to war with china and russia, where are our factories?

1 – go to college, get massive debt and hope you land a good job.

2 – go into retail.

3 – start your own business. If you had a rich uncle leave you a couple hundred thousand, maybe you can buy a franchise.

4 – learn a skill and got to work in a refinery, welding shop, land drilling rig or off shore drilling rig.

I will tell you something about working in welding shops, as I have 15 years experience. In relation to minimum wage, people 20 years older then me made more money in the 1960s and 1970s then I made in the 1980s and 1990s. Like everything else, the pay for skilled workers has stagnated.

I worked in the welding field for 15 years. There is a physical toll it takes on your health, lungs, vision, fingers, even people being killed.

A machinist I worked with had one of his fingers ripped off by a lathe.

I saw a guy get killed with a 7 ton piece of metal fell on him. We used an overhead crane in the shop to pick the piece up and drag the guy out. He was screaming the whole time. Ambulance picked him up within minutes of being called; he died at the hospital about 45 minutes after the accident.

Generation Y Wages

Wages for physical labor / skilled workers have not kept up with the times. Welding shops in my area have a hard time keeping people.

1 – the people do not want to do physical labor. I honestly think todays generation is lot lazier then people born before the 1980s.

2 – wages have not kept up with the times. In relation to minimum wage, welding and metal working paid more in the 1970s then what it does today.

My ex-father in law worked as a helper in shipyards in the 1960s and 1970s making $16 and $17 an hour.

When the shipyards closed in early 1980s, he went from making $16 an hour to making $6 and hour. Minimum wage was $3.35 an hour.

The shipyards were stripped, equipment sold off and the only thing there now is bare land.

Those ships and offshore drilling rigs are now made by cheap labor overseas.

Two generations later, where are the high school and college graduates working at? Retail, for minimum wage.

Illegal Immigrants

What good does it do to say “I am a U.S. citizen”, when an illegal immigrant has just as many rights? And that is what it is coming to.

The government refuses to enforce immigration laws passed by congress.

Every time a state tries to pass a vote ID law, the justice department sues the state. What the hell is going on here? Why are we being stripped of our national identity?

Our jobs are gone, our lands have been invaded by illegal immigrants, and the government does nothing about it. If anything the federal government facilitating the downfall of the U.S.

I am fearful our children and our grandchildren will have no future. The future they will have will be selling the warez made by mega corporations.

With free trade wages in the U.S. will continue to stagnate to the point where we are making the same as someone in china. Will the future generations of Americans be nothing more then wage slaves?