Why Are We Losing The War On Drugs

Kevin Felts on a hiking tripWhen is society going to sit down and ask why we are losing the war on drugs? Trillions of dollars have been spent on drug abuse prevention, and abuse continues to grow.

Last night I decided to relax after work, so I got on youtube to watch some videos.  While browsing through various documentaries I came across a Vice video about Krokodil.

If you do not know what Krokodil is, you better hope this terrible drug stays contained in Russia. Krokodil eats the flesh off its victims; its a combination of over the counter drugs and gasoline.

Why does Russia have a drug problem? Part of it stems back to the Russian-Afghan war of the 1980s. In order to buy weapons, the people of Afghanistan started growing poppy, which is used to make heroin. The heroin was then sold to the Russians.

Its kind of ironic how the Russians helped defeat themselves with a heroin addition, and the U.S. is helping fund radical terrorist by buying gasoline from OPEC.

If the Russians had not bought the heroin, the people of Afghanistan would not have been able to buy weapons. In a way, the people of Russia were helping kill their countrymen.

After the Russian-Afghan war ended, the heroin kept flowing. Here we are 21 years after the fall of the USSR, and Russia is still paying the price for invading Afghanistan.

Now that the U.S. is in the region, nothing has changed. The military is even encouraging Afghanistan farmers to grow poppy. The reason is that they farmers need to make money. But we need a drug free society.

Russia has been fighting a war on drugs for decades, and there is no end in sight.

Change in Attitude Towards Drugs

When I was in high school in the mid 1980s, drugs were frowned upon. Not a single one of my friends died of an overdose. Maybe we were smart enough to stay away from drugs?

Today, kids use synthetic drugs, and the government is doing very little to stop it. When I talked to the kids about doing synthetic drugs, their excuse is “its legal”. Just because its legal does not mean you should.

Where is the self-control in our younger generation? Why can’t the kids of today just say no to drugs?

Are we fostering a generation of children who are weak minded to the point where they can not say no to drugs?  This may be especially true in rural areas where drug addition has grown to epidemic numbers.

Some people say the kids are bored, so they turn to drugs. That is a load of crap. You know what I had when I was growing up? We played baseball, football, tag, chase, frisbee,,, and other fun games. Games that did not include sitting on your butt for hours at a time in front of a computer screen or TV. And guess what, almost nobody was fat.

War on Drugs

I think part of the problem is, kids think they are entitled to whatever the want, and at the expense of someone else. But isn’t that a problem with every generation?

Society as a whole is moving away from hard work. The factories have been shipped to china, steel mills have been closed, society as a whole is degenerating. Fewer people are growing up with a good work ethic.

We see the banks stealing money, we see the government breaking the law, and nothing is done about it. So why can’t the people do whatever they want? Why is wall street and the government the only ones that can break the law and get away with it?

The government needs to set an example for the people. The military is sent to Afghanistan to guard poppy fields (at tax payers expense), but the people are not supposed to do drugs? Its ok to grow it, just dont use it? How does that even make sense? But that is the example the government is setting.

How can the government say drugs are bad when kids can buy bath salts and synthetic drugs at the local corner store?