The Obama Iran and Islam issue

Over the past few years there have been hundreds of news articles talking about iran developing nuclear weapons.

The question I have, why hasn’t obama done something about iran?

There has been news article after news article saying the sanctions are not working.  Iran continues to develop its nuclear program, and nothing is being done about it.

The answer I have arrived at, obama does not want to harm the muslim community because of obamas ties to islam.

The next question I have is, how long will obama let iran work in its nuclear program?

The answer I have come up with, obama has no intentions of doing anything about iran.

It appears to me that obama does not want to do anything about iran

He is going to sit on the fence for as long as he can, then pass the problem to the next president.

This fence sitting gives iran much needed time to develop its nuclear program.

If obama favors islam, why did he have bin laden killed? To win favor with israel and the american public.

With bin laden dead, it “appears” that obama is taking a strong stance against radical islam.

In reality, a nuclear iran is a worse threat then bin laden could have ever hoped to be.

How can obama have bin laden killed, but say that he is taking a stance against radical islam? Iran is about as radical as you can get.

Where does this leave israel

I figure obama is going to try and appease israel by giving them defensive weapons, such as patriot missiles and more military weapons.

obama is going to do everything in his power to make sure israel does not attack iran.

Its the same story over and over, give sanctions time to work. More like obama hopes the sanction story will last long enough for him to get out of office.

Someone will rise and replace bin laden

What would have happened if hitler never rose to power? Some people estimate stalin would have caused world war II.

With bin laden dead, this leaves a vacuum for someone to rise up and fill his shoes.

Bin laden should have been left alive

It is better that our enemy is led by a frail old man, then a young energetic man.