Intellectual Capacity of Career Welfare Individuals

Kevin Felts political commentatorLast night as I was closing the trap door on the chicken coop, one of the chickens pecked at my hand. I started thinking about the chicken that pecked my hand, and people who make a career out of welfare.

I bought the chick when it was a couple of days old. For the past 5 months I have fed, watered, protected, and even built the chickens (13 chickens in all) a nice coop with an enclosed run.

The way I treated my chickens is “about” the same way the government treats those on welfare. The government feeds, protects and gives welfare recipients a place to live.

Instead of appreciating what has been given to them, both the chickens and the welfare recipients pecks the hand that feeds it.

There is a reason why chickens are called bird brained. They can not comprehend anything outside of their natural instincts.

Where does this leave people who bring crime, drugs and violence into poverty ridden areas? Are those people unable to comprehend what would happen if the government stopped providing those benefits?

When I was closing the coop up, it was right at dark. The chickens were starting to get into the roost and settle down for the night. I took the chicken that pecked at my hand, set it outside the coop on the ground. The chicken did not know what to do. It was on the ground when it knew it was supposed to be in the roost, and it was away from its friends. The chicken just stood there. I picked the chicken up and placed it back into the coop.

What would happen if the government suddenly withdrew welfare benefits? How would the people react that know no other way of life?

Generations on Welfare

Mom and dad have 5 kids and have been on welfare for close to 20 years.

One of the children has been diagnosed as being bio-polar, 18 years old, receiving social security disability.

The 18 year old young lady has a baby.

The grandmother of the baby is trying to take the infant away from the mom. The grandmother (the same one that got her daughter on disability) claims her daughter is unfit.

Whats sad, when the daughter reached 18 years old, and the mom could no longer claim her on welfare, the mom is trying to latch onto the grandchild to get more benefits from the state.

Its generation after generation of children being leveraged to get benefits from the state.

The grandmother would rather take the grandchild away from the mom then to get a job.

Self-Induced Poverty

In some families the poverty is self-induced.

When I was in high school, a buddy of mine had a dad like that.

His entire way of life revolved around the government trying to get him. The paranoia went so far, that the dad busted holes in the walls of the house, then stuck a rifle or shotgun into the hole. When the government came to get him, he had a firearm in every room.

The dad did small engine repair, and made just enough money that he did not pay income taxes. A lot of the people paid in cash, so there was no record. The mom was not in the picture, she had left years ago. The family lived in severe poverty because of the dads obsession with the government. The kid I went to school with, he never had nice clothes, they were more like rags then clothes.

I doubt the family received any social assistance due to the dads hatred of the government.

Drug Abuse

Here is another story, this one has a tragic ending.

When I was growing up, there were two brothers that lived 2 houses down from my house. The older brother was my age, the younger brother was 2 years younger, and the same age as my brother.

The younger brother got on drugs when he was around 16 years old. His mom and dad kicked him out. He went friend to friend living with people until he got caught with drugs, and kicked out again.

One day in 1992 or 1993, he just walked away. Nobody, including his family heard from him for a decade.

When he finally got in touch with his older brother in 2002, the younger brother had developed some kind of disease where the white blood cells attack the joints. He was unable to walk, was in a wheel chair, living in a homeless shelter, and still drinking and doing drugs.

In 2003 the younger brother killed himself. He was only 31 or 32 years old.

Maybe if Steven had gotten the help he needed, he still might be alive today.

We can only help those that want to be helped

How do you make someone stop doing drugs, or even get a job if they do not want to? Society can not force people to change their behavior.

We can offer help, but that does not mean the person is going to accept the help.

I think part of problem is people will take the easy route. Given a path of drugs, or a path of rehab, people will take the easy route.

Given the path between welfare and getting a job, they will take the easier of the two paths, and that is the path of welfare.