Liberals are detrimental to national security

What if I told you there was a group out there that was undermining our national security? A group that was working together to weaken the nation and to drive us into debt. Well, its really two groups that work together. One group is the giver, the other group is the receiver.

After I tell you about these two groups, what would you be willing to do about it? Would you be willing to change the way you vote?

The two groups that are working together are the liberals, and the people on welfare.


Lets start at the root of the problem, and those people are the liberals. These are the democrats, the people who think social programs such as welfare, government oversight, food stamps, public housing,,, are good ideas.

Lets not forget that bill clinton signed free trade agreements into law.

So not only do liberal democrats think putting people on the public dole is a good idea, but sending our jobs overseas is a good idea also.

Who pays for all of the social programs such as welfare and food stamps?

Its not the poor paying, they dont have any money.

Its not the rich paying, because they can buy influence with the law makers.

Its the middle class that ends up paying.

Liberals take from those that are trying to work, and gives to those who do not want to work. How is that fair?

My honest opinion on the issue, liberalism is one step from communism. The goal of liberalism is to make everyone equal through taxation and social programs.

Middle class have nice homes? Send enough jobs overseas, and raise the taxes enough so that the middle class will have to downgrade. Then take that tax money and build some nice low income housing projects.

Welfare Parasites

On the other side of the scale, opposite the liberals, we have the welfare parasites, some of whom refuse to work or help provide for themselves.

After Hurricane Katrina made landfall, and people were being evacuated, I did some volunteer work at a shelter in southeast Texas.

The people were supposed to go to the reception building, fill out some paperwork, then be assigned an area where they could stay.

One lady walked in, sat down, was handed the application to fill out before she could stay at the shelter. She looked at the application, handed it back to the lady behind the desk (without a single line filled in), and said “I was in public housing in New Orleans, I want to sign up for public housing here and what about my food stamps.” I remember thinking to myself, “what the hell lady, you ever hear of this thing called a job?”.

To see this lady flat out refuse to fill out the paperwork, then ask for public housing, made me take a step backwards.

Then there was her attitude. she sat there smugly, like we “owed” it to her to give her free housing.

Welfare as a way of life

There is a family my wife and I know, they have been on welfare for close to 20 years. The mom does not work, the dad makes barely over minimum wage, they have an 18 year old daughter that got approved for social security disability. When one of the kids finished high school, the mom squeezed out another kid.

How is it that a family can stay on welfare for around 20 years, never get trained for a job, never required to go to college, never go through a temporary job program,,, nothing but getting that food stamp card filled every month.

How is it that people can make welfare a way of life?

What does this teach our future generations

What is the liberal / welfare mindset teaching our children? That if the poor need something, just tax the someone else?

Here is where national security gets involved.

Lets say the U.S. goes to war with a major world power, such as Russia or china. The U.S. is going to be drafting generations of young adults that have never had to provide for themselves.

If someone can not handle on-the-job training, how are they supposed to endure military training?

If someone is not willing to step up and take care of their family by going to work, how can that person be expected to step up and defend a nation?

Liberals have been social engineering generations of people who think they are entitled to government benefits.  Benefits supplied not at the expense to themselves, but at the expense of others.

Proud to be on welfare

The lady at the Hurricane Katrina shelter sticks in my head.  There was once a day when people were ashamed to be on welfare.  Asking for public assistance was a last ditch effort to feed a family.

The lady in the Hurricane Katrina shelter was just as proud as anyone could be.  She held up head up high, refused to fill out any paperwork, and sat there smugly like we “owed” her something.

As recent as the 1980s and 1990s people were ashamed, or at the very least embarrassed of receiving social assistance.

These days, its like people are proud to be on welfare.  While grocery shopping with my wife from time to time, I hear people talking openly about how much assistance they receive from the government.

You want to know what I am ashamed of?  I am ashamed that the government has fostered a segment of seciety that think they do not have to work, and that they are “entitled” to tax payer assistance.

Sense of entitlement by the rich and the poor

There are two types of people in the world who think they are entitled to special treatment, that is the rich and the poor.

Rich think they are entitled to be rich.

Poor think they are entitled to government provided benefits.

Stuck in the middle is the middle class getting screwed in the ass.

How does this affect national security

We are breeding generations of people who have neither skills, nor a quality work ethic.

If we can not get people on welfare to do the jobs illegal immigrants do, how are we supposed to get them to build ships, tanks, planes, work in steel mills, harvest crops,,, in times of war?

We have generations of people who have no idea what its like to get up in the morning and go to work.

Lets say we go to war with someone like Russia or china.  How are we supposed to train people who have no work ethic and no skills to pull from?  The only talents the generations of welfare parasites have is filling out forms to get their benefits and playing the system.