What happened to the United States

What happened to the United States? Instead of being the land of the free, with liberty and justice for all, we are the land of cash cows with liberty and freedom for the rich. If you dare speak an opposing opinion, you are branded and outcast. If you speak out against the U.S. government, and travel to another country, the president sends a drone to kill you and whoever is with you.

Banks and wall street immune the law

One thing that really irritates me is hoe big banks and wall street can run over the people, and nothing is ever done.

Leading up to the 2008 housing crash, banks made loans to people who were not qualified to receive loans. The loans were then sold to investors. Wouldn’t that be considered fraud if anyone besides a bank did it?

Bank gets in trouble, the government rushes to shore it up.

People get in trouble, that is just too bad.

Since when did the government start bowing down to special interest groups, such as the banks and wall street?

Chick-fil-A and the right to speak out

This Chick-fil-A issue and gay rights is getting really out of hand. If someone says they support gay rights, then someone else should have the right to say they do not support gay rights.

If some faggot wants to get his poo packed every night, I could not care less. I am kinda neutral on the issue. As long as the sex is between consenting adults, I do not care what happens in a bedroom. Just because I do not care does not mean I have to support the idea either.

Boycotting a company because they do not support gay rights is like the pot calling the kettle black. There are going to be issues all through life we agree with, neutral on, or disagree with.  So what if a company does not support gays rights?  So what?  It is their right to voice their opinion.

While I am not agree with Chick-fil-As stance, I do however disagree with the flack Chick-fil-A has been treated.  Why cant people speak up and voice their opinion?  So what if Chick-fil-As opinion differs from people who support gay rights?  Whats next, try to bully Chick-fil-A into changing their opinion?

Putting pressure on a company because of their opinion is like being a bully in school.  We need to grow up people and respect each others opinion.

Why would someone support gay rights, but not support Chick-fil-A to have their own opinion?

Its called herd mentality. Its either go along with the herd, or you will be punished. Screw herd mentality. I am an adult and I will make up my own mind. If someone does not like my opinion, too bad.

The ability to speak out brings us to our next topic, the U.S. government killing those that dare speak out against the government.

Society should respect the popular opinion, and the dissenting opinion. For one day, the dissenting opinion may become the popular opinion.

Video about storing food in mylar bags

At one time supporting gay rights was the dissenting opinion. At one time supporting the rights of blacks was the dissenting opinion. But the time has since changed. Just because the tide changed does not make those previous opinions wrong, they were just the opinion at the time.

Do we look back at Andrew Jackson and judge him on how he treated Native Americans?

Do we say Thomas Jefferson was a terrible person because he owned slaves?

Do we say Franklin Roosevelt was a bad person because he interred Japanese-Americans in prison camps?

No we do not, because that is just how things were back then.

So what gives us the right today to criticize someone for their opposing views to the popular opinion?

There was once a time when radio stations would play the uncensored version of Dire Straits Money For Nothing. A couple of days ago I heard Money For Nothing on the radio, and guess what, the word “faggot” was censored out. What the hell people, there was once a time when faggot was not a bad word. I guess these days faggot is a bad word? I think I am going to say faggot three more times, just for the fun of it – faggot, faggot, faggot. There, I feel a lot better now.

The ability to speak out brings us to our next topic, the U.S. government killing those that dare speak out against the government.

U.S. government killing our own citizens

Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son, both U.S. citizens were killed in a drone attack. Their only crime, talking.

One of the principles the U.S. was founded on is that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Another principle is that the accused has the right to see the evidence against him (or her).

Another principle is that we have the right to bring our own witnesses and contest the evidence.

Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son were never given the rights every U.S. citizen is entitled to.

Bankers and wall street get to ignore the laws, while people who do nothing but talk are blown to pieces.  Our government is being ran by a bunch of faggots.  What the hell is going on here?  Who do we blame?  We blame the voters for voting a bunch of faggots into office.