Something to consider on gun control

As usual, after the Aurora Colorado shooting the anti-gun lefties are whipping into a feeding frenzy.  The crazies are asking how people can order so much ammunition over the internet, or how someone can collect an arsenal of guns without the federal government asking.  It is really sickening to see all of the anti-gun propaganda out there.

Lets have a discussion on gun control, but this time from a financial VS national security point of view.

I figure any liberals or socialist reading this will not care what I have to say, but here goes anyway.

In 2006 shooters and hunters spent $3.7 billion.

Now lets say that the government goes crazy and bans all kinds of rifles, shotguns and pistols.  the restrictions are so tight that people just stop buying guns.  We all know that the end point of gun control is the complete abolishment of all privately owned firearms.  Liberals probably masturbate to some kind of end-game law on firearms.

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For grins and giggles, lets say firearms are only sold to police and military

Where is the money going to come from to support the shooting and firearms industry?  Well, liberlas probably do not care about the jobs, or the skills craftsmen that assemble firearms.

The firearm industry goes bankrupt, all but just a couple of companies collapse.  Machines are dismantled, people are laid off and learn another trade, factories are demolished and sold off for scrap iron.

Lets fastforward a couple of years.  Tensions between the U.S. and china (or Russia) finally reach a boiling point.  A couple of chinese (or russian) subs parked off the east coast launch a few missiles, which effectively destroy the final remaining firearm factories.

Ok, you stupid liberals, what now?

We have no factories that can produce parts for the M4/M16, we have to skilled craftsman to operate the machines, we have nothing but barren fields where gun factories once stood.  What the hell are we supposed to do for guns or gun parts?

The Gun Industry is Essential to National Security

Why does the federal government keep bailing out the auto-industry? Because we need trucks, tanks, motors, wheel bearings, transmissions,,, to fight a war.

If gun control is established, the federal government will have to bail out the gun industry in the name of national security.

The machines that make the AR15 lower receiver, there are only about a dozen of them in the whole U.S.  Shutting down just 2 plants would affect around 40% of our manufacturing ability. Liberals are probably thinking, “half a dozen, should be easy to take those machines off line”.

Instead of the firearms industry needing a bailout, hunters, target shooters, recreational shooters,,, support the industry.

That $3.7 billion that hunters and shooters spent in 2007 in part helps support national security.

Mass Shootings and Gun Crime

Here is a novel idea, lets make the people who commit gun crimes responsible for their actions? Just like society would with drinking and driving, rape, or any other crime.

How many people are killing in drinking and driving accidents? But nobody is talking about banning alcohol or vehicles. Well, society did ban alcohol for a little while and we know how well that worked out.

Here is another novel idea, make the local prosecuting attorney and judge responsible for repeat offenders that get reduced prison terms. Someone is convicted of a gun crime, spends a couple of months in prison, gets out and commits another crime, the judge and prosecuting attorney should be held responsible. They knew the person had a history of violence, but let the person get off with a reduced sentence.

If someone commits a crime with a firearm, they are a menace to society and should be held accountable for their actions.

Blaming an inanimate object for a crime is a ludicrous idea. The people who call for gun control have no concept of the long term impact of what they ask for.

I am sorry that a crazy person slipped their the safety net, but how do you stop someone that wants to kill? If someone wants to kill people, the only way to stop them is to lock the person up.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and wounded 680, and not a single firearm was used.

September 11 attacks on the twin towers killed 2,996 people, and not a single firearm was used.

Criminals do not need guns to kill others.