Buying some ammo to go shooting

What is going on at the local walmart? They can not keep American Eagle nor Federal 223 in stock. They just now started getting Tula 223 in stock. But I do not want to stockpile a crap load of steel cased 223.

Next weekend my wife and I are going out to a local sandpit to do some shooting. I just want to fire off a couple hundred rounds of 22 long rifle, 223, 7.62×39, 45acp and a box of 308 Winchester.

Is my local walmart in Jasper Texas just not ordering ammunition, or is ammo in such short supply they can not get any in?

If ammunition is in short supply, why can academy sports and outdoors in Lufkin and walmart in Nacogdoches get American Eagle?

Why do I have to drive 50 miles one direction to buy ammunition? Why cant the local walmart get their act together and keep some 223 and 308 ammunition on the shelves? Did I forget to mention my local walmart has not had 308 Winchester in Remington core-lokt in almost 2 months? The last time my wife and I went to Academy sports and outdoors in Lufkin, I had to buy Monarch 308 Winchester.

I just want to go to the sand pit and fire off a few hundred rounds.  But for some reason I need an act of GOD just to find ammunition.

This is what I bought tonight:

45acp – 1 box of 100 rounds Federal 230 grain FMJ
223 Remington – 6 boxes (120 rounds) Tula 55 grain FMJ
7.62×39 – 3 boxes (60 rounds) Tula 122 grain FMJ

I am going to pull some Monarch 7.62×39 out of my stocks so that I have around 120 rounds of 7.62×39.

Drills this weekend will probably be reloading. Might have Kristy (my wife) load the magazines with a random number of rounds, say no more then 5 or 10 rounds per magazine.

I need to practice reloading while keeping my eyes on the target, with my primary rifles.

Another reason to go shooting is to get my wife familiar with the Ruger 10/22.

Post your thoughts, ideas, suggestions,,, anything else you may have.