How Ready Is The United States for a Complete Collapse

How prepared is the U.S. for a total collapse?

Our lives are like a pattern – we go to work, get a pay check, pay our bills, buy food, repeat.

People have become so domesticated, we are like a family dog. The dog goes to the food bowl and waits to be fed. People go to the grocery store, or fast food places to buy food.

How would people react if the grocery stores were empty? Would people know how to grow their own food? Would people even have the resources to grow their own food?

Learning from experience

My chicken project has taught me a lot. The coop cost around $700. My 13 chickens at at 4 1/2 months old are eating almost 50 pounds of feed every 2 weeks. A buddy of mine asked what I would do for chicken feed during a SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation.

My reply was the chickens would have to forage. Chickens come from a wild jungle fowl. Even though chickens have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still retain their instincts.

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Here we are at 4 1/2 months and no eggs. During a long term survival situation anyone that wanted to raise chickens would have to go through all kinds of stuff – safe enclosure, feed, protecting the chicks,,,. And people think getting livestock during a survival situation is going to be easy?

Planting a garden, how many people have the tools, knowledge and access to land to grow their own food?

If you want to prepare for a real disaster, get outside and do something.  Plant a garden, go fishing, go hunting, plant a fruit tree, plant some grapes, get some backyard chickens,,, do something.

Its one thing to read an article, its another thing to test the theory of that article.  We need to have survival plans base don real experience, and not untested theories.

Personal Responsibility

With the Hurricane Katrina people at the shelter, I saw a lot of young pregnant ladies, whos baby daddy would not work. The mom and baby bring in food stamps and whatever else they can get, and the baby daddy is along for the ride.

I did some volunteer work at a evacuee shelter for some of those Hurricane Katrina people.

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One lady walked in, sat down, was handed the application to fill out before she could stay at the shelter. She looked at the application, handed it back to the lady behind the desk (without a single line filled in), and said “I was in public housing in New Orleans, I want to sign up for public housing here and what about my food stamps.” I remember thinking to myself, “what the hell lady, you ever hear of this thing called a job?”.

When Hurricane Ike made landfall 3 years after Hurricane Katrina, there were still people on Beaumont public housing from Katrina. And, a lot of them were still unemployed. The Beaumont Texas area has a lot of industrial jobs. But some of the people on public housing would not go to work.

I think a lot of it has to do with being ready to help yourself.

After a storm, there are going to be a group of people that will be standing there with their hands out asking for help. And there will be a group that does not need help.

After hurricane Rita, there were people complaining they did not have the gas to drive to the food line – they did not fillup their gas tanks before the storm, and with a weeks notice. They expected things to be back to normal in just a couple of days, not 2 – 3 weeks later.

It is our duty, it is our responsibility, to prepare and protect our families during a survival situation.

Are People Lazy or Blind

Which is it, are people lazy, or are they blind?

What does it say when people would rather watch tv and play on the internet, then try to protect their future?

What does it say when people pay more attention to celebrities, then pay attention to the safety and well being of their family?

When I was growing up in the 1970s we lived under the constant threat of nuclear war.  In 2012, people are more worried about their smart phones then political evens.

Our Fragile Infrastructure

Its all about the money.  In the pursuit for profits,companies do not want to build new hospitals, not want to build more power plants, do not want to upgrade telecommunication systems.

Christus Memorial in Jasper Texas is expanding its emergency room, and that is about the only major expansion in years.  Our other hospital closed a couple of years ago.  This leaves the area around Jasper Texas with limited health care.

AT&T will not upgrade the lines outside of the main city limits of Jasper Texas.  If you want high speed internet, you have to go with cable modem.

These should be simple things that any modern society should expect – access to health care and high speed internet.  Those are some of the things that makes the U.S. great.  But in the quest for higher profits, companies are slowing our growth down.

As our population expands, should should basic services.  The problem is, to drain every penny they can, companies are not expanding their services.

As demand increases for basic services, prices go up, and that is what companies want.  Thin supplies also leaves the door open to shortages and disruption of services.

What would it take to break our already fragile system?  We have rolling blackouts in peak summer months, doctors are in short supply, our highways are overloaded and our manufacturing jobs are going to china.

Have a Long Term Plan

Have cash, silver and gold close at hand.  This means not keeping “all” of you financial eggs in the local bank.

Learn multiple skills.

Learn skills of trades that have a physical value attached to them – an art degree does not have a physical value attached to it.

Get a second income stream.

Reduce your outgoing cash flow.

Buy land.

Do whatever it takes to pay off your home.

Grow and preserve your own food.

Ask about having a private water well dug on your property.

Look into backyard chickens.

The three basics of survival – food, water and shelter.

Water – have a plan for if the city water goes out.

Food – have a source of food besides the grocery store.

Shelter – Its going to be difficult to stay in your home when the landlord or the bank is wanting to kick you out.