Free Trade The Great Destroyer

Think free trade is good thing? Think cheap products that were made in china are a good thing?

Think again.

After factories are closed and demolished, the value of the property goes down, this means less tax dollars brought in through school and property taxes. With less property and school taxes brought in from businesses, the tax burden is being shifted to homeowners.

Do you ever wonder why your property taxes are so high? Maybe its related to the businesses shutting down and moving to china. Someone has to pay for the schools, since John Doe and company laid off a few hundred workers and moved to china, “someone” has to pickup the bill.

Trucks bringing supplies to factories buy fuel and other items at local stores.

When the news says a factory is closing, the people do not realize the ripple effect that has through the community.

Free Trade Ripple Effect

In Orange, Port Arthur and Beaumont Texas, there were several shipyards that shutdown in the early 1980s. Somewhere around 10,000 workers lost their jobs. Close to 5,000 of those people worked at one company.

30 years later, the area has yet to fully recover.

In the early 1980s young people (early 20s) could go to work in a shipyard and make $13 and hour. These days that same age bracket works at best buy or wal-mart for around minimum wage.  How is someone making barely over minimum wage supposed to buy a home, or buy a car, or raise a family?

Figure up how much money has been lost in the local economy over the past 30 years by going from $13, $14,,, $16 an hour to $8 an hour.

In 1999, the southeast Texas region had the second highest unemployment rate in Texas, El Paso was first place. Keep in mind, just 20 years earlier (1979), shipbuilding companies were begging people to come to work.

I think the lose of jobs since the 1980s is making cities, counties and states look for other ways to generate revenue.

There is more to free trade then meets the eye; its slowly destroying our wages, our cities, our schools,,,,, and our way of life.

National Security

30, 40, 50 years ago, a young man fresh out of high school could go to work for the local steel mill, or the welding shop, or maybe the local shipyard.

Today, young men sink themselves into college debt and “hope” to get a job, or work at one the local big box marts.

Over the next decade the baby boomers are going to be retiring by the hundreds of thousands, maybe by the millions.

With the baby boomers retiring, and fewer young adults going into metal working, who is going to build our shops?  Who is going to make our tools, wheel bearings, drilling rigs,,,, everything we are going to need to secure the future of the U.S.A.?

Oh, I forgot, everything is made in china.

How are we supposed to defend our nation if we do not make anything?

Need a circuit board for a missile?  Oops, the board was on a ship that was sank as it was coming over from Taiwan.

We have not even been able to make a microwave or a VCR in the U.S. for the past 20 years.

Go to the local hardware store, just about everything is made in china, including the tools.  How are we supposed to repair tanks, ships, motors, trucks,,, if we do not even make our own tools?

When the U.S. entered World War II we had factories that could be retooled to make weapons of war.

In a lot of cases, factories that supplied tanks, trucks, motors,,, are long gone, and in some cases are an open field.  The factories have been demolished.

Final Thoughts

The United States is at a point in history where we have a:

Yet, with all of this facing the nation, people still want free trade?  Who in their right mind sabotages their financial future?