The Natural State Of Mankind

The way people live in cities, all bunched up together like chickens in a coop is not the natural state of mankind.

For tens of thousands of years mankind lived in small nomadic groups.  They had land to farm, land to roam, river and streams to fish from, land to hunt on and land to migrate on.  Groups traded between each other, and were pretty much self sufficient.

Today, we live in cities that group people together like livestock.

Tackle box in a boat while on a fihing trip

What happens when you put too many chickens in a coop?  They start pecking at each other. Let the chickens out in the yard, or free range, and they are fine.

Humans are natural born predators; we fish, we hunt and we eat.  Living in cities with our artificial grocery stores suppresses those natural predator feelings.

Like chickens going to a feeder, or hogs going to a feed trough, so people go to the local grocery store or fast food place and get their food.

Easily Food Breeds Laziness and Obesity

Why do so many health problems go hand-in-hand with obesity, because being a fatty is not mans natural state.  Our bodies are built to be in constant motion, not to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day.  Our bodies are designed to cover long distances in the pursuit of food.  Our modern culture ensures that food is at the nearest corner store, fast food place or grocery store.

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Over population breeds all kinds of social and health problems. Without modern transportation HIV would have died off in Africa, Swine Flu may have stayed in Mexico, SARS would not have caused global panic.

This might sound cruel, maybe childhood diseases exist for a reason. Maybe its natures way of weeding out the weak and preventing overpopulation.

We all know what living in cramped conditions does, it breeds diseases. Nature has a way of preventing overpopulation with disease. A population gets too big, some disease like the Black Death resets the population.

Vaccines and medicines keep the weak alive so they can pass down their faulty genes to the next generation.

With every passing generation our natural immune system gets weaker and weaker. And we wonder why conditions like autism are on the rise?

Natural selection culls the weak and keeps the strong. That is the way nature has done it for millions of years, and its been that way for a reason.

When a weak or lame yawn is born, it quickly becomes a meal for a predator. When a weak or lame human is born, we take care of it, spend millions of dollars nursing the child, and for what?

The natural state of everything is for the weak to die and the strong to live.

Mankind has developed to a point where natural selection for the most part no longer applies. We have vaccines, we have medicine, we have DNA and gene testing. Diseases can be detected and treated before the disease can cause a problem.

So what do we do? We can not let children and the sick die. Our compassion is one thing that separates mankind from animals.

What Is The Natural State of Man?

Cities are not a natural state. In our modern urban sprawl, most families are confined to less then 1/4 acre. My opinion, families need at least 1 acre, with 2 acres being more like it.

Nature area on the Angelina River

To prevent chickens from pecking at each other in a coop, each chicken needs at least 3 square feet of room. People should be allowed the same space as chickens. We should have room in our yards for our children to play, room for a small garden, fruit trees, enough room for some chickens or maybe a couple of goats.

Families should be able to walk into their backyards and enjoy peace and quit.

Instead of fences, have a treeline and bushes as a property line. Fences are not natural, tree lines are.

Allow people to simulate the way we have lived for thousands of years, which is not living in apartments bunched together like livestock.

Give children room to run and play, room to get muddy, room to get cuts, room to build tree houses, room to fall, scrap their knee, get back up and live life as it was intended to be lived.